Selena Gomez Broccoli City Festival Pix

selena-gomez-broccoli-city-festival (19)selena-gomez-broccoli-city-festival (8)Broccoli City Festival pairs R&B and rap with group workouts and the gospel of healthy living. + Selena sitting alone at Baja Fresh in Irvine, CA and her receipt.

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  • Chibiusa

    I think it’s cool she’s doing things on her own instead of surrounding herself with negative people good for her she doesn’t need to be seen with a new famous friend every other day *cough* Taylor Swift *cough* (:

    • One

      Are you 12? people can have lots of (famous) friends and connections if they’re in the industry. Look at people like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Ellen. They have loads of famous friends so you’re only saying this because A) Taylor hangs out with her friends as if both weren’t famous. They don’t give a fuck about paps and B) She’s Taylor Swift. there’s always something she’s doing wrong according to you people..

      • Chibiusa

        Yeah you’re totally right there will always be something she’s doing wrong according to me because I simply do not like her she seems posed and unauthentic to me but thanks for your input on my opinion xo ^.<

    • guest

      As soon as Biebs wants her sucking his cock again she’ll be on the first flight to do it.

    • Cali

      Maybe because selena isn’t all that famous?
      Taylor is at the top in her genre atm because of her last album. Of course she is going to be seen with a lot of other famous people.

      • Chibiusa

        exactly the more famous she gets the more other famous people want to be seen with her it seems so fake tbh some of these “friendships” seem like desperate photo ops

        • Cali

          According to what? Maybe they want to be seen with her. Harry styles has a lot of famous friends since he got got big, that doesn’t make him fake either.
          According to your logic then Selena is fake as well because she hangs out with a lot of big names for very obvious photo ops (Bieber?) even though she is not all that famous herself.
          Hell she used to hang out with Taylor didn’t she?

          • Chibiusa

            yeah her and Taylor seemed to be real friends and now there is no sign of them hanging out that’s what I think is fake Selena would always say Taylor was her best friend who was there for her for everything but now where is she? hanging out with Karlie Kloss and Lena Dunham? poor Selena had to resort to hanging out with Biebs and Jenners</3

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    she looks good and normal here, she almost looks like a college student

  • anon

    Selena is in NYC for the MET Gala tomorrow and Taylor is attending too. Guess tomorrow we will have an insight about the state of Saylor

  • Guest1

    She’s lookin good ;)

  • Try

    Why is Selena trying to look like kiley and doing her makeup like her? Tham this girl Is such a copycat,she trying to look like the kardashian girl,and even posing like her, is Selena so jelouse, now I definately know Justin like the kardashian girl by Selena desperate doing the makeup like her and posing her face like her,and doing her eye makeup like her,she so unoriginal she pathetic.copycat

    • Eva

      Who is Kiley?

      • try

        ops! I meant kedall kardashian the one who bieber has the hots for now! and selena is jelouse off in which she copying, she a model and has her own fashion line.Kendall Jenner

        • st

          you’re paranoic. i see no similarity

          • Try

            Honey,that not how Selena does her makeup and you all know it, know all of a sudden she doing photos like Kendall and doing her make up and poses like Kendall,you all know that not how Selena does her makeup,so why try we all know she a copycat,now you all denying this.when are you guys going to give it up and stop covering from some who keeps copying other people.

          • shrug

            for now the only impression is that you need a psychologist

  • javi g

    lol there’s a broccoli festival? don’t tell me theres a salad festival or a tomato festival too. i know broccoli is good for you but you don’t need a festival to celebrated it.

  • Tash

    In the first pic she looks a bit like Nina Dobrev. But that second pic is probably one of the least attractive pics I’ve seen of her. Looks like an ordinary random teen that I wouldn’t even give a second look or would have to stare at for a while before I say she’s kinda cute.

  • nettos

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  • BritneyS

    She looks like she’s 30.

    • kd

      First she looks like she’s 12. And now she’s 30. Jeez people. She looks fine.

      • anon

        She’s upgraded from looking 12 and now looks around 15/16.

        • javi g

          so when she hits 30 she would look 18? thats good she won’t need plastic surgery like most of hollyweird women.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She looks… just, different in that second pic.
    Well we don’t always take pretty pictures.

    Never heard of a Broccoli Festival, seems like something I would go to though, just to see what it’s about.

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