Taylor Swift World Business Leader Chic

Taylor Swift Leaving A Gym In New YorkTaylor Swift leaving gym in New York City today. Photos: FameFlynet.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Hotter than Beyonce. <3

  • HolyGround

    She looks so good and classy

  • Queen Amanda Bynes
  • Dan

    Her face is unfortunate, but I like how she dresses. Refreshing to see some class around HW.

    • smfh

      Class isn’t what you wear. She’s a slut remember?

      • honesty

        And how does this make her a slut? She meets guys very often and they obviously become interested in her, it is not that bizarre for her to have dated many considering her circumstances. She’s desirable and she’s famous. Besides, these were short relationships.

      • lol

        half of them are gay. she was just being a good friend and bearding

        • smfh

          Please, keep telling yourself that honey.

          MAYBE Taylor Lautner. MAYBE.

      • kat

        she def didn’t sleep with Joe or Taylor. So she may have had 3-4 serious adult relationships(since she’s in her 20s) I’d hardly call that slutty. Going on dates with guys doesn’t make you a slut. Having class deals with the way you present yourself. Trying to slut shame someone based on assumptions of their personal life is an unclassy move.

  • XxCiao.bitchxX

    Does she even work anymore? or does she just call the paps at the right time after getting dolled up then pretends to go to “the gym”?

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Her albums come out every two years , later this year she will have another.

      She never really got pap attention until recently so that’s why it feels like we see her so often now.

    • kat

      She’s in the process of releasing her next album the end of this year, and is going to Asia in June for her red tour. Papparazzi taking pics of an A list star in NYC isn’t really a shocker.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Looking good.
    I like this outfit.

  • vhad


  • mary
    • Maggie


  • thirstybitch07

    pls stahp strutin ur flat ass around and release ur album im thirsty

  • blahblahblah

    What exactly has she been doing for the past few months?! WE WANT THE NEXT ALBUM!!!!

  • Maggie

    I really like the bag.

  • laura

    Can we all talk about how she looks like this after leaving the gym? HOW?? Can’t she just wear sweatpants or something, like every other human being instead of doing her makeup and her hair and dressing up?

    • Maggie

      My mind just exploded.
      I doubt it’s the gym. Impossible. it has to be some sort of fashion show or something.

      I used to see candids of her going to/leaving gym in normal clothes but ever since she moved to new york she’s been really…off.

      • laura

        I know! When she was wearing that cute Zooey Deschanel polka dot dress, she left the gym as well. Does she hide an entire makeup team and a few stylists in there or something?

        • Maggie

          Also doesn’t she just head back home? I’d understand if she was going somewhere to go on with her day but doing a fashion photoshoot in the middle of the streets before going home is a diva move IMHO

          • laura

            My thoughts exactly.. I seriously don’t get the point tbh like just shower and put on a cardigan and some shades on and you’re good to go. Celebs and their weird behaviour…

          • Maggie

            Gosh, I hope she hasn’t been sucked into the whole hollywood diva thing, she’s one of the few lucky ones. If she has then get ready for more awkward dancing and songs about dick-hopping.. yikes!

  • Troll

    So she wears a business suit to the gym. Okay then!

  • Hollyhysteria

    Ugh quit being so flawless