• anon

    All of these sold more album than her, except by Britney. But It’s Britney bitch!

    • threelittlebirds

      i’m so confused by this comment. are you saying britney didn’t sell more albums than miley? cause i’m pretty sure she has..

      • Cali

        I think he means not this year.

    • Bad

      Uhm bitch sit down britney sold more with ONE song than gaga did with her whole carrer

  • anonymous

    ‘hi it’s rolling stone, we’re doing a ‘ruling women in pop’ issue, it will cost $20k to be included. are you interested?’

  • Hollyhysteria


  • Jackie

    Don’t blame them for excluding her

  • A

    She doesn’t deserve to be in it.

    • thecat61

      Miley loves what she does and that’s all that matters.

  • Carine Compiani

    Mmm why is Katy on this? She can’t even sing…

    • Anna

      Because Britney can? The point of this is to show those that empower pop and pop artists are not known for being extremely talented vocalist. Lorde shouldn’t be there though, she isn’t pop and she is brand new while the others are all seasoned artists.

      • WatchOut

        Pop=popular Music and Lorde’s music is popular.
        She sold more than Miley so, yes she is allowed to be on it.

      • Carine Compiani

        She can’t but she’s a better entertainer than Katy

  • Rocky

    Ok I could understand why Miley wasn’t there but why is Lorde there?!

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      this whole cover should have been scrapped.looks like something a stan makes on twitter
      Actually on twitter the collages look better lol

  • Alii

    She should have replaced Britney.

    • WatchOut


      • thecat61

        Britney lip syncs.

        • Godney

          still more iconic than miley

          • thecat61

            How long has Britney been around?

          • Maggie

            I think – and I’m not sure so don’t take my word for it – 16 years.

          • thecat61

            Thank you.

            Sorry but Lorde is way overrated with only 2 songs out there.

          • Maggie

            I mean she has an album but I do think it’s too much too soon. They should let her work harder instead of letting her peak so early.

            I have to say I cannot deal with her ungrateful attitude at the Grammys, I realize that people react differently but that was just.. ugh.

          • thecat61

            I heard her performance from the rock n roll hall of fame ceremony — ouch!!!

          • Godney

            over 15 years. and was iconic with her FIRST music video :)

  • sam

    because she sucks

    • WatchOut

      dicks I hope

      • Queen Amanda Bynes


  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    what is this flop photoshopped mess. Rolling stone needs to get it together because half the people on the cover flopped.

    I love lorde but seriously the media is overexposing her . She’s already been on the cover like 2 months ago.She hasn’t released any new music since her last cover. They need to chill.

    • Godney

      because its not a real cover?

  • Godney

    y’all know this isnt a real cover right?!

  • casey

    how is britney spears on there? whens the last time she had a hit? dont get me wrong, ive been a fan of hers since i was like 10 but she has fallen off for sure!

    taylor swift and miley need to be on that cover. i dont like either of them but they are more popular than britney spears…maybe even gaga. i dont think her last album did as well as her others

    • threelittlebirds

      work bitch did pretty well..

  • TrueSmiler

    Ok, but if RollingStone do a special issue on the most retarded artists in the world, Miley will occupy the entire cover, perhaps alone.

    Just the truth.


    Dies boring joke slut.

    • threelittlebirds

      this whole comment is just so fucking rude.

      • thecat61

        That person is fucking rude. Shit for brains.

        • threelittlebirds

          apparently. guess she’s never heard the saying, “don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

  • Godney