Selena Goddess ‘Preppin’ In Overalls

selena-preppinSelena Gomez ‘preppin’ in sexy unbuttoned overalls.

  • lola

    Pretty and talentless. Nick has a type huh

    • Tash

      So does Justin ;) But Nick prefers ladies. Hence why it didn’t work out with Selena. Bieber is still after it. He likes the ho’s.

  • ema

    Olivia is that you? Show your nipple again

  • Tash

    She just seems very distant lately. Drained. But in that ‘life’s getting you down’ sorta way, not just tired. I’m not a fan & definitely a critic. But I feel for her. I may get peeved when she wins a singing award against people like Gaga & Perry & the unbelievable Ariana doesn’t even get a nomination. But that’s just being annoyed with the industry & public. I don’t enjoy seeing anyone down. I hope she can get things together & just be healthy & happy.

  • Ridetheocean

    the most beautiful girl in the world

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      She is definitely a beauty but the most in the world? The world is huge.

      • Ridetheocean

        she is to me ;)

  • hmmm

    I just hope she take it easy with the fake tan

  • Marina And My Diamonds


  • Eva

    She is so beautiful though.