Selena Gomez Met Gala 2014 Pictures


  • Chibiusa

    she looks gorgeous <3

  • Blair

    classy and gorgeous as always. i love her style.

  • anon

    Fashion is where Selena always shines

  • Maggie

    She looks amazing!!

  • gorg

    Selena,Diane von Furstenberg, Jessica

    • RiriNAVY

      I almost forgot how stunning Jessica Alba is !

  • gorg

    The dress fits perfectly! It has been a while

  • noriwest

    hopefully selena gets a movie deal with david o russel

  • hmmm

    I hoped more glamour. Not just from Selena, but from everyone! It is the MET Gala people!! aff

    • Duh


    • RiriNAVY


  • hmmm

    But I love this dress!

  • Hazzy

    Time for stop post Justin pics on Selena post. Jelena is dead and gone. Maybe create the Yovanna category since Blanda has one

  • gorg
    • Marina And My Diamonds


    • HolyGround

      She looks absolutely flawless

  • javi g

    holly hell she looks beautiful. thats how i want to see her in any event or award show.

  • MollyBD

    Selena’s dress is pretty, and I like the way she has her hair.

  • Guest1

    Yet another post that has nothing to do with bieber yet they post pics of him. Idiots.

    On a brighter note, my god selena is absolutely stunning!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She looks lovely.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I wonder if her and Tay are going to hug or at least wave at one another.

    • HolyGround

      Yeah me too I really wish they would

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  • jenniferlove


  • Yay!

    Taylena/Saylor is real!!!

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  • Eva

    I love it! Absolutely gorgeous.

  • :)

    Am I the only one that thinks she looks very boring? She had better looks and dresses on award shows…this event is usually for really expensive dresses or diamonds which stars show off, she went too simple and the make up doesn’t fit her :( too bad because she’s a pretty girl.
    To me Kendall Jenner shined with her look, she’s in this event better looking then Selena, she almost looks like they’re the same age.
    But still the night was stolen ( to me ) with Beyonce and Rihanna! Two amazing ladies.

  • Xyz

    I liked her look on Golden Globes party better, the other dresses were a lot better

  • laura

    Am I the only one who finds the Met Gala just ridiculous? Everyone who goes has to pay 25.000 dollars and they donate it to the fashion department of a museum. Can you imagine how many people in Africa they could save with that money? Or how many people’s college bills they could be paying? How many scientific researches for the cure of cancer or aids they could be funding? But no, let’s give it to a museum that already has plenty of money.

    • RiriNAVY

      I was just thinking about that. It’s like those fancy events where it’s 5000$ per plate, I mean do you get to keep the plate at least ? lol, but no if they simply donate the same 5000 to that charity they would have enough of money smh

      • laura

        Maybe the plates are decorated with diamonds, who knows?
        Celebs are so fucking stupid… Like ugh they could be helping the world and yet they are helping a museum that has absolutely no need for the money. If you google it you can see it has plenty of funding..

        • RiriNAVY

          Yeah, like I understand it’s fancy to show up there and stuff, but there’s no need for it smh

    • Duh

      They seriously have to pay that much?! Wow. I thought all of the celebs who attended the Met Gala were invited. I know its an exclusive event & one that is good for celeb’s social standing, which is why its made to be such a big deal.

      • laura

        First, all of them are invited and then to be allowed to go, they have to pay 25.000 dollars. Last year it was 15.000 dollars but they wanted it to be more ‘exclusive’.
        I just wish the money would go to something worthwhile instead of a museum in no need for funding..

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      I didn’t know this, this actually pisses me off.

      • laura

        Hollywood pisses me off all the time tbh. They’re all greedy ass cunts and I am getting real tired of it…

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          Sadly not enough people care to change it.

          • laura

            I just wish someone really influential would call them out. Like idk Lorde or something. If she would put her time in that instead of bashing other female artists, I’d love her.

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