ariana-crushingAriana Grande revealed to BOP! her biggest crushing secrets EVER! What are your dating tips? She laughed: ‘I don’t know! I’m sort of new to dating, but if you want to let a guy know you like him, randomly flirt with him and if he looks at you, just look away.. I honestly have no idea!

I always like a guy who initiates the conversation first. It’s better for him to make the first move because A: It’s cute and B: you can’t be disappointed! It’s good to be confident in your own skin, but I never could be with someone who is overly confident. If you’re going around flaunting your designer merchandise all of the time, then no thanks!’


  • BeckyUSA

    my cousin saw her in person at the easter thing and he said ariana had so many pimples up close! I guess her skin got cleared in two weeks though her face looks photoshoped soften compared to the girl next to her lmao.

    • noriwest

      this girl who saw her in person said they same thing almost a year ago

  • noriwest

    ariana isnt new to dating

  • casey

    shes new to dating?!? since when? i think ariana is a beautiful girl and a good singer but her fake ass goody two shoes baby-talking idiot routine is annoying. she is an adult. act like one.