Demi Lovato Avril Lavigne Hair Twins

demi-avril-2Do YOU like Demi and Avril’s hairstyle? + My Big Night Out posters.

  • Kurdt Kobain

    so demi lovato’s allowed to come into contact with her, but not fans who pay tons of money to meet her? cute.

    • lala

      hi. i’m from argentina and she met her fans here so please shut up.

      • laura
      • Kurdt Kobain

        “so please shut up” seriously? I wasn’t trying to start shit, I was just irritated at the most recent news about Avril, because fans paid to meet her and had to stand like, an arms length away from her. No need to get catty.

        • lala

          sorry my please shut up sounded cruel, i didn’t want to make you understand like that and i thought you were talking about demi and i get so deffensive when its about demi..sorry

          • Kurdt Kobain

            no i love Demi, she’s a sweetheart. I should have been more clear, I guess.

          • lala


  • Anon

    Karlie kloss followed Demi on twitter that’s cool.

  • Cj

    Demi is hot man. && she has a bad body!

  • A

    I want a duet with them

  • nin

    you have to be famous to get a hug from Avril lol

  • ainslie

    back in the day demi opened for avril! so its cool to see them together! duet with them would be awesome!