Justin Bieber Yovanna Ventura Dating

yo-venturajustin-bieber-giant-girlfriendJustin Bieber is dating much taller model Yovanna Ventura, reports E! News. They were ‘like a couple’ on the Venice Beach boardwalk. ‘Justin seemed very chill and happy,’ they went on a rickshaw, and, while riding the bike, Justin had his arm on her leg the entire time.

‘Justin wanted to meet her. He sought her out. It hasn’t been too hot and heavy, but they have been hanging out a lot. Their relationship is blossoming. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have now started dating. He reached out and they started talking in late March.

In early April, when he came to Miami they hung out together for that weekend while he was recording in the studio. It was for a couple of days, the weekend. They were getting to know each other.’

Bieber first noticed Ventura on Instagram and after meeting in Miami,'”hey continued to stay in touch and communicate. The next time they met up was in Vegas this past weekend. She went to Vegas to meet him and she has been with him and his pals the whole time. She spent time with him and his friends and went to the Mayweather fight after parties.

They headed to LA and went to Venice. She thinks he is a nice, sweet guy, a gentleman. She thinks he is a good guy and good looking. It’s been killing her she couldn’t tell anyone about him. Meeting Justin has been exciting for her. More pix and videos HERE!

Justin really likes her. I think he really enjoys being around her. She is just such a genuine person and he likes to talk to her’. Yovanna is 18 years old and is still in high school in Miami. She started modeling about a year ago. She is just starting out, but she has talent for modeling.

She has mostly been focused on school and getting finished up.’ She’s 5’9″, 124 pounds and gets paid to promote herself and products on Instagram, and ‘loves working out and is very into fitness. She has a great body and build.. Her personality is that she is very humble and shy but she has a goofy side too. She is a nice person, a good girl.. wholesome girl.’

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  • I

    Good for him :)

  • anon

    Isn’t Justin 5’9 so they’re the same height (she’s wearing heels btw)?

  • damnthesecelebs

    Aww she’s gorgeous, and has such an amazing body!

  • maria

    she need to be careful..

  • maria

    ella es bonita pero I don’t want her to get hurt from Justin fan.i bet they will hate any girls that get to Justin.

  • Sandy McFarlane

    She looks gorgeous in that white dress tho

  • damn

    she is way too hot for him. her body is fucking crazy damn

    • Tash

      Every girl he dated from Selena onwards was too hot for him & looked way older. He was puny & not even cute in that ‘kid way’ when he 1st got with Selena. Now it’s just getting absurd. These are bombshells & he looks like their little punk kid brother standing next to them. At least dress & act like a man if you insist on being with someone who looks like a woman.

      • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.

        Tash, buddy!

        • Tash

          What’s up? I’ve been taking a look at the Jonas posts. Always such a mess. I’ve needed to keep my sanity & steer clear. How are you hanging in there?

          • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.

            LOLLL IKR. I just like messing with them because some are so stupid, it’s entertaining. :P

  • Kathy

    She looks a little bit like Selena (face)

  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    She is really pretty, he obviously has a thing for Latinas (:

  • Tash

    ‘Nice, Sweet guy, Gentleman’….Justin Bieber??!! :| ‘Shy, Good girl, Wholesome’….Yovanna Ventura??!! :| This is the same guy who spends half his life acting like a Diva & the other half navigating random vaginas?? The same young girl who’s posting underwear pics of herself online for anyone & everyone to see & taking trips with a random stranger just because he’s loaded & famous?? Okay, if so, this must be fan fiction.

    • Anon

      Don’t judge the book by it’s cover ;) you don’t know them and how they act around each other fool.

  • fa

    He parades all around with the girl holding her thigh post pics on his instagram and gets mad when the media says she is his girlfriend? Attention seeker

    • Tash

      Maybe that’s because he doesn’t want people to think he has a girlfriend because he wants to appear available. The classic douche guy thing, not just a famous person thing. People like to hide relationships so that they can get around.

  • LUCKY!

    Dammmn Upgrade !! Lol

  • smb

    Big upgrade. She actually has a woman’s body, instead of one that make her look like a young teenager. Nice curves.

    • Tash

      Yeah, but she doesn’t match him. He upgraded but she downgraded(let’s forget about the money & fame). She looks like a woman & he looks like a kid. His dressing & demeanor doesn’t help either. Especially when she dresses up & stands tall & he’s hunched over with that skinny body looking like he’s wearing pajamas. He may be famous etc but his match is still a teenybopper. Every girl he’s been with since his career started just screams ‘money’ & ‘fame’ got him that.

    • right?
  • anon

    I’m happy that he found someone! Now everyone can be happy.
    Even because yesterday Selena found where she belongs and it is not with Justin! It has been a while that she wasn’t so happy!

  • Mariah

    His best looking girl by far. Selena might be famous and stuff doesn’t mean she is the best. Her body is perfect to me. Her face is nice too not too serious or too cute. She’s only 18 but looks like a grown woman. I love that. I hope they have a good time and he finally has fun with a girl without drama!

  • anon

    Why are Justin’s head and neck so long?

  • roxanneXD

    bieber like the latinas?

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      He likes the vaginas a.k.a all races.

      • laura

        I read this like vageenas omfg….