Miley Cyrus FU Wardrobe Malfunction Tish Helps, Lily Allen: ‘Miley Bangerz In London Best Thing Ever’

miley-cyrus-bangerz-london-wardrobe-malfunction (20)Miley Cyrus performs live on stage at 02 Arena in Londonmiley-cyrus-bangerz-london-wardrobe-malfunction (5)Miley Cyrus performs live on stage at 02 Arena in London. London, United Kingdom on Tuesday May 6, 2014. Photos: PacificCoastNews. Miley has a wardrobe malfunction while perfoming FU and Tish helped her with it.


    LOVE new costume, miley and ariana slaying alllllllll

  • dlovCyr

    Reminds me of

  • Alii

    Damn wardrobe malfunction prevented her from belting that “you know you’re my right eye” that I love. But seriously, I’m happy that she’s happy. Not being able to perform literally made her miserable, it was hard to watch. I’m glad she’s doing what she loves again.

  • Maggie

    Watching her put on that thing and just be natural on stage made me kinda like her. I’m not sure why.

    ‘Two letters for you, you stupid motherf*cker’

  • liz

    I honestly find that really sad that her mom will support literally anything she does. poor parenting is such a tragic thing… once the kids are grown, it’s FAR too late to teach them things like self respect, decency, etc.

  • laura

    You guys don’t understand, if Lily Allen says it’s good, it is good. She’s sheezus.

    • thecat61

      From reading twitter last night everyone was blown away by her performance, basically saying best night and best concert ever!

      • laura

        Miley is slaying! Can’t wait to see her omg it is coming so close :D

        • thecat61

          Don’t rush it!

          It was Floyd’s birthday yesterday and she sang Happy Birthday to him.

          • laura

            Aww that’s too adorable and so sad at the same time..

  • try

    awww she too cute!

  • thecat61

    Her facial expressions just kill me, adorbs!!!!

    • aly

      I know, when she put that thing on her waist and made that face like: I look so uhhmazing. I just died laughing lol

      • thecat61

        Yeah I know. But I was talking about when mama Tish came up to try and fix it.

  • pop

    she seem mad at someone wonder who? who she told motherfuckr?

    • Maggie

      The person the song is about, I assume.

      • thecat61


        • Maggie

          I know haha (I was screaming YOU GO GIRL!! when she said that)

          but I choose to not name names when someone’s asking because I want them to focus on lyrics/music just in case if I tell them who it’s about and they go on a rant about how it’s “pathetic” to call someone out with a song.

          Cheating is pathetic, calling the cheater out while singing about it is badass and awesome IMO.

          • thecat61

            Oh ok.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Hmm, her costume reminds me of Big Bird.

    Shout out to Big Bird real quick. ;)

    • BangBang

      “shout out to Big Bird real quick” I just spat my drink out! haha

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        :)! My comment got a spit take. ;)

  • anon

    She has a nice body.

  • Godney

    She NEEDS to get a better hair…

  • mountainmiracle

    that is seriously the worst performance i have ever watched…

    • Overexposed

      That is seriously the worst icon I have ever seen

      • thecat61


      • mountainmiracle

        Grow up…smh

        • lsl


  • sadinca

    What a sad example for a “Mother.” Is it all about the money, Tish? Huh? To let your daughter parade around half naked and simulate sex acts that are actually considered lewd and lascivious, is just appalling to me as a Mother. What a disgrace to your entire family!

  • nin

    honestly, these disney childstars that have come out in the last few years look like they have kid’s body which is so awkward specially when they try to act sexy. that outfit looks horrendous on her and I don’t want to start talking about Ariana.