Miley ‘I’m Poster Child For Good Health’

mileysmokingpic1Miley Ray Cyrus revealed in her London press conference: ‘I’m the poster child for good health. I’ve been connected to an IV for the last two weeks. I’m going to go off!

You have no idea how ready I am. There is nothing I would rather not do than lay in a bed for two weeks. It was the most miserable two weeks of my life. I didn’t have a drug overdose. I took some sh––y antibiotics that a doctor gave me for a sinus infection and I had a reaction.

I feel better than ever. I’m on this crazy vitamin rush and crazy honey and lavender. I learned a lot about taking care of yourself. I’m probably the only one on this tour who doesn’t drink or smoke before a show, as I take this really seriously.

It’s almost like being an athlete being up here, because if someone was f––ed up, they definitely couldn’t do my show. I don’t know how Dolly Parton goes over here, but I’m doing a Dolly song, so that could go one way or another. Everyone likes Dolly! Hopefully everyone will sing along.’

Miley will peform at 2014 Billboard Music Awards, May 18, 8 PM on ABC.

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  • anon

    definitely give her props for not drinking/smoking before a show

    • Mirela

      I doubt it’s true.

      • thecat61

        Obviously you haven’t seen her show.

      • lols

        You REALLY think someone who has smoked or drunk before a show would be able to do everything she does on her shows? It’s like she said, it’s like being an athlete so you can’t get wasted. Get some education. It’s obvious she doesn’t do it.

        • Mirela

          I am actually in high school. I do have education, thank you. My opinion is my opinion. If I think Miley is smoking weed and drinking most of the time it’s because she branded herself that way from my perspective. So whatever she does is all because of her image she has. If you can’t handle my opinion, then don’t answer! It is simple as that. Goodbye. (Rebutting would be useless, by the way)

          • thecat61

            Lets see how you would do a 2hr. show non-stop drunk or high.

  • Mirela

    Whatever she said in the press is so false, IMO. She didn’t party for two weeks. That doesn’t mean you’re healthy… Can she be anymore naive?

    • FFS

      Now you’re blaming her for trying?

      • Mirela

        I never said I was. It’s because she said that she has been stuck with an IV for two weeks. Okay. That doesn’t mean you’re healthy definetely for months let alone a poster child for being healthy. Being healthy is really not doing what she does to her body and whatever reason why she was at the hospital. I don’t think she really understands the concept of being healthy.

  • TrueSmiler


    • TrueSmiler

      Why has four days between the London concert and the next in Leeds?

      Someone believed in a second night in London O2 Arena?


      Anyway, love she.

  • h

    More like poster child for ”stay in school kids !”

    • GentileJewel

      Good! One!:)

  • Lilly

    She was probably high when she did this interview

    • thecat61

      Hahahahahaha, omg you’re so funny.

  • tro

    take notes selena gomez no drinking or drugs before a show so you throw a fit like you did before, and of course some singing lesson will help you selena.