Rosso Sisters Hola Hola Lyrics Video

Taken together, The Rosso Sisters, four half-British, half-Latina siblings, are like a walking, talking assemblage of long hair, long legs, saucer-sized eyes, and gleaming white smiles who chatter away in English accents.

Their striking looks might lead one to think they are unapproachable, but spending time with Georgina, Becky, Milly, and Lola is kind of like being around an excitable, fashion-obsessed, boy-crazy pep squad. They are vivacious and bubbly with an irresistible energy that charms everyone they meet.

That charm will serve The Rosso Sisters well as they prepare to launch their career as a pop vocal group by signing to Virgin Records, releasing their first track, the spicy, Latin-flavored “Hola Hola” (“It’s about having dating disasters, but then you see this guy, and from the second he says ‘hello,’ or ‘hola, hola,’ you’ve got a big crush,” says Becky), and touring Latin America with Demi Lovato this spring. “That is really special to us because we lived for several years in South America when we were younger,” says Georgina. “We feel such a strong connection to Latin America culture.”

Georgina, the eldest, was born in Argentina, while twins, Becky and Milly, and the youngest, Lola, were born in England. The family has lived in Argentina, Venezuela, and Colombia (the girls are fluent in Spanish), as well as in England, Louisiana, and now Los Angeles. Growing up the girls listened to their parents’ ABBA, Julio Iglesias, and Luis Miguel albums; nowadays they admire Katy Perry, One Direction, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Enrique Iglesias. When The Rosso Sisters were old enough to buy their own music they gravitated toward the Spice Girls. “We would go out pretending to be them, and putting on little mini-concerts, performing the songs for our neighbors and our family,” Georgina recalls. “We made them listen to us over and over, whether they wanted to or not,” Milly adds. “We have videos of ourselves standing on moving boxes, singing into hairbrushes to the Spice Girls,” Lola says. “We loved the fact that they didn’t take themselves too seriously. And we don’t either. We’re not trying to be a sultry girl group. We’re having fun onstage and making cool music.”

To help craft their upbeat blend of sunny California harmonies, pop melodies, and tangy Latin rhythms, The Rosso Sisters are working with songwriter-producers Julian Bunetta (One Direction, Fifth Harmony), Steve Mac (Shakira, Kelly Clarkson), MoZella (Miley Cyrus), Busbee (P!nk) and others on songs that will appear on their debut album to be released by Virgin Records later this year.

“Honestly, it’s all been a bit surreal,” says Milly. “Because we moved around so much, we never thought it was possible to do something like be a real group,” Milly says. Though the girls have sung together their entire lives, it was after the family moved to Los Angeles that a career in entertainment seemed plausible. In 2009, their parents took Milly and Becky to a live taping of the Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. One of the show’s executive producers spotted the angelic-looking blonde twins in the audience and approached them about auditioning to be on the show. Milly and Becky were cast in recurring roles and went on to do an episode of the spinoff The Suite Life on Deck, as well as star in the film Legally Blondes, which aired on both the Disney Channel and ABC Family.

Through their early work with Disney, a chance encounter with recording artist/actor, Joe Jonas, prompted a meeting with Kevin Jonas Sr. of The Jonas Group. This initial meeting ultimately led to a management partnership between The Jonas Group and The Rosso Sisters.

“Milly is the sweet one,” says Becky. “She’s a real girly girl. She loves skirts, chokers, and accessories, the sparklier the better. She really brings the sass in the recording studio, especially when she’s singing a song that requires a cool, fierce attitude.” Georgina is the brunette bombshell whose glamorous Sofia Vergara looks make it hard to believe she’s been unlucky in love, a running joke among the sisters. “When we need a voice with a lot of power, she brings it,” says Milly. The youngest, Lola, “looks the most harmless, but she’s actually the feistiest,” Georgina says. “If you annoy her, look out.” “That’s only with them!” Lola protests. “I’m nice to everyone else.” Lola loves hip-hop, especially Drake and Nicki Minaj. “Her style is sporty. She loves chains and snap-backs,” says Georgina. “We banned her from wearing grills,” says Milly. “Becky is by far the most laid back of the group,” says Lola. “She’s so chill. She’s always in a good mood. She is a little bit absent-minded and forgetful, but at the same time she’s a whizz on the computer! She’s a free spirit. She’s the most likely to walk around barefoot and she loves the beach.”

“We’re each other’s biggest fans,” Georgina says. “If someone else is doing well at something, we feel that happiness. And we want to let girls know that we’re going through the same stuff they’re going through. Like, I have boy troubles, and everyone has self-esteem issues at times. I know there are other girls out there who are in the same position as me. We’re not scared to talk about that stuff. We’re here to support each other and our fans!”

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    i ddint like it.

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    Oh my effing god.

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    Are these girls serious.. What the fuck was that shit about? Hardly a song.. There talking the whole way through it.. Just because there pretty doesn’t mean they should be singers they can’t sing at all.. They should just quit whole there ahead.. Didn’t joe jonas date the brunette one? Lol they’re a bunch of wannabe popstars.. They’ll never make it this song is already a flop sorry I know I’m going to get a lot of hate but that’s just my opinion..

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      I totally agree they should stick with there day job.. They’re never going to make it in the music industry they all look stupid as fuck LOL brainwashed Barbie wannabes ..

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        Reading this is hilarious #jealousbitches I might not be beautiful like them but doesn’t mean I have to hate them like you losers. I hope they make it just to piss you off even more!! hahaha

        • no they are not

          maybe they can be beautiful but they are bunch of airheads immature they think they are better than anyone how stupid and ridiculous

      • aly

        Yes!! Am I the only one who hates those preppy pinkish girls who look like Barbies and are all about uuh nails and boys and party and boys and uh I broke my nail. SO pathetic, I don’t even know who’d be fan of a band like this. Their lyrics suck so bad and they can hardly sing. They came to my country in South America and it was awful, people liked way better the national band that opened first which is a miracle really since people always tend to like international bands more.

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    Are they Spanish?

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      Hope not: piñata, un dos tres , they should now more !

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        They didn’t write this song lol someone else sang it and they took it.

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      Who knows.

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    Joe dated Georgina a long time ago..

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      No he didn’t.

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        How do you know?

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          Well, it’s not on the list of who he dated and it doesn’t fit in with the timeline of girls he dated. lol

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            Just because it’s not all over the internet doesn’t mean they’ve never dated.

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            She’s never been mentioned before lol

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    Oh my god. This is absolute garbage. Why would anyone write this let along put music to it and record it?

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    They’re seriously not talented one bit. I don’t know why they’re wasting their time. Papa Jonas spends more time promoting them than he did his own sons.

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      LOL that is so true. Who are these talentless whores? Never heard of them on my life!!!!!!

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        The twins were on Suite Life of Zack and Cody at one time. That’s it. lol

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    I have lost faith in humanity wtf is this?

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    what the fuck.

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    I don’t know what i’m more concerned about, the fact that they are serious about releasing this as a song or the fact that I sat through the whole thing…….

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    i think id rather listen to pitbull then these annoying auto-tuned wannabe spice girls.

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    this is serious? HAHAHAHAHAH
    People with fluent Spanish and they couldn’t say little more than “Hola”?

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    They stole BECKY G SONG

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    becky g’s version is waaay better

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    those girls acting immature they need to leave nobody likes them they are sooooooo fucking annoying

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    now i wonder why this group of girls are for girls who are 6 years of or under

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    well so that meas those girls know spanish eh? how about this you are putas

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    this is soooo wrong in so many ways ! horrible song, horrible “singers”

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    I can not believe that Demi is letting this awful group open for her in South America. She seriously needs to get over whatever guilt she feels towards the Jonas family. She still feels indebted to them(she pretty much said so in one of those behind the scenes featurettes for the Neon Lights Tour when she was talking about how she was glad she could bring everything full circle with Nick after the help he gave her earlier on in her career), but jfc they didn’t help her for free all those years. The boys got paid in royalties for the songs they wrote with her and Papa J got like 10% of her earnings when he was her manager, not to mention she got Nick a spot x factor, gave him a job on her tour, promoted Pom Poms and Fastlife, etc. Like she’s done enough. I get why she’d want to help Nick: he’s been a good friend to her and they work well together creatively. But I honestly don’t get why she harbors guilt towards Papa J at all. Yes, she was an ass back then, but that man KNEW that she was mentally unstable and still worked her like a mule so he could profit. She owes him nothing.

  • bridget

    “You make me go crazy like pinatas”
    wut? I couldn’t use the accent sign, but is this some spanish phrase i’m not aware of or are they actually talking about the party toy that you hit with a stick? Again: wut?

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    i like it! its silly and fun. so what if theyre hot! dont hate on them because theyre beautiful!! lol

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      People are not hating on them because they’re “beautiful”, please. They’re hating on them because they look futile and preppy, they can’t sing and the song and video suck. They literally look like some of those spoiled mean girls from high school lol and people get disgusted by girls who are like this.

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    Reading all comments, I only see people insulting them just because they’re beautiful girls like if that was something bad. OK, you cannot like the song or you cannot like them as singers, but to say they’re brainwashed or immatures only because you don’t like them singing, it sounds like a lot of envy and jealously. We’ll see in the future if they get something in the music industry, but anyway I think it has nothing to do with them as persons… I think the immature people are those who attack them as persons just because they’re beautiful and you don’t like their music… And that’s too only my opinion.

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      We’re not attacking them because they’re attractive. We’re saying our opinions.

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      Why do negative opinions always end up with people saying “Oh you’re just jealous because they’re pretty!!”
      No. To be completely honest I bet the fact that they’re attractive didn’t even cross anybody’s mind. If people don’t like the song they have a right to express that. It doesn’t automatically make them jealous. I don’t like Justin Biebers music and find him immature, does that make me jealous of him? No. It means that I don’t like his music and I find him immature.
      People don’t like this song and some people find it immature. It doesn’t automatically make them jealous.

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    hahha horrible!

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    I predict they’ll realise either one ep or album and then fade away into oblivion tbh. The song wasn’t good, it looks like they’re aiming for the South American market though and if it works there then they could get a lot of really dedicated fans.