Austin Mahone Wants Miley Or Selena?

miley-cyrus-holds-austin-mahone-close (4)Who would Austin Mahone choose to date: world sex icon Miley Ray Cyrus or jilted passionate lover Selena Gomez. When asked by Celebuzz he immediately answered, ‘Selena,’ with no hesitation. Justin Bieber must have told him sexy secrets about Selena!

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  • Rocky

    That’s why he’s a flop.

  • thecat61

    Sorry, but Miley doesn’t date little boys.

    • eff

      Nick Jonas?

      • thecat61

        I’m talking about now. Not when they were 15.

      • Cali

        ? they were near the same age at the time.

  • threelittlebirds

    why do magazines always ask between selena and miley? there’s more girls in the business than those two.

    • HolyGround

      Just trying to start drama where there is none lol

    • Cali

      Ikr they’re not even the most successful ones

  • Bunch

    No one wants date him because he is disgusting drug addict mean who doesn’t respect the law and everything he’s got a girlfriend that she is a bitch I probely sick like him how sad

    • Fvhn

      Yeah she is a bitch and sick like like him well justin bieber got problems

    • Blair Waldorf

      You’re such a horrible person. You don’t know the first thing about him or his life, yet you think you have the right to slur him like you have an agenda on him. Didn’t your mama teach you better?!

      • thecat61

        Apparently mama didn’t.

  • Kirsten

    Younger guys always like selena lol but its not like someone like Demi or miley would date him. I mean miley likes men && Demi likes Wayyy older men lol selena usually dates younger guys she’s the one I could actually see dating him they’d be cute though he look like 2010 justin lol

    • You crazy

      Not all younger guys like her if the are younger they must be 12 or 13 years old if they like her they got serious problems

  • Blair Waldorf

    I feel so bad for him because he always gets cornered with “this or that” questions!

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Oh please.

    We ALL KNOW he wants to be loved from behind by Justin Bieber.

  • Jenniferlover

    Every guy wants Selena and that’s a Fact . If I was a man I would date her too , honest opinion.

    • thecat61

      Every man huh? That means she’s a loosey goosey!

  • Eva

    It is funny how he is getting hate for stating his own opinion after being asked…

  • BrokenArrow18

    If I was him I would choose Miley bc Miley’s boyfriends get a lot of attention lolz jk