Justin Bieber On Yovanna Dating Rumor

justin-bieber-dating (1)blahlbahJustin Bieber: ‘I guess everyone I get photo’d with is automatically my girlfriend. This is my only gf @moneyyaya :p .. Had fun at the fight lil one see u soon.!’ Lil Bieby was also hanging out with his protege Beer’s boobs.

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  • Blair Waldorf

    Soooo, what exactly is he implying?

    • whoknows
      • anna

        hit it and quit it. cant make a whore into a housewife. I’m sure she’s a nice girl tho.

      • Tash

        That pic makes him look like he has a mullet :D Look at her hair flying behind his head/cap. It looks like it’s coming out from underneath his cap. At first I was like, wtf??!!

  • anon

    Must suck for her because she seemed excited about them being together

  • Kylie

    He is so humble.

  • Duckyhoward15

    who is the person he said is his only gf

  • Tash

    HaHa, oh I get it now. He just likes to show off to the world about all the hot girls he gets to be surrounded by. Just like how he shows off by posting pics of the cars, trips, jewelry & himself with all those model/some weird poses that he thinks is hot.

    • pacmakaveli

      Lol you’re so pathetic overanalyzing him acting like you know him and everything about him. Even his fans arent as psycho.

      • Tash

        Go ahead, pick on me in an effort to make Justin impervious to fault. Yes, because who I am & what I say really says a lot about him & him being a conceited self entitled asshole. You can’t avoid addressing his bullshit & expect that to suffice as a defense. Tell me he isn’t a show off & I’ll show you a liar *points at you*. ‘Smart’ comments only worked in primary school. As an adult, you have to actually have a ‘point’ that is ‘relevant’ to the statement you are rebutting.

  • Tash

    It’s so crap though that he denies it. It’s such a big public rejection & slap in the face. Even if they are technically not an item. If you tapped it, at least just don’t comment on it all together. That way you don’t shame them by revealing anything happened, but you also don’t make them feel like they mean nothing & you just used them.

  • Tash

    I like how he says ‘get’ photo’d with. YOU took the photo dumbass. YOU posted it online. YOU told the world she was your friend. Now you wanna act like she’s some random that the media affiliated you with. YOU are acting like your own paparazzi. Don’t act like you don’t know where this all is coming from when YOU clearly wanted to show her off.

    • Grow up

      Exactly you idiot. He TOOK a single picture , does it mean they’re dating automatically? no. Media blew it out thatsu why he’s clearing it up. You find something bad in everything just to tall shit. Ignorant bitch. Showing off? Lmaoooo how dumb are ou

      • Tash

        If you actually claim he isn’t a show off, you’re the ignorant bitch. He acts like his very existence is something the world should be so impressed & in awe over. Deny it & prove YOUR ignorance is CHOSEN. Like ‘Lmaoooo how dumb are you??’ *twirls my hair like the dumb bitch you sound like aka Biebers girls*

        • anon

          Burnnnnnn *z snap*

  • I cant

    i love how people automatically call every girl he’s photographed with his new girl ..like no. she posted a pic saying, my friend, and so did he. but yet people say justin’s new girlfriend. why dont people believe that opposite sexes can be just friends and be touchy. i’m touchy with my male friends. it doesn’t mean anything. it a hand on the knee..the knee. -_-

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    It’s no ones damn business who he’s with and who’s in his photos or what he does with any female in his life. Heck if he says a particular someone is not his girl-friend then it is what he says until otherwise. I just really don’t care who he’s with as long as it’s not with Selena and vise versa.

    • Eva

      That is exactly what I wanted to say! I don’t care who he is with as long as it is not Selena.

  • Barbz21

    But she’s hot AF and seems nice…better looking then Selena to me idk about her personality