Queen Miley Out After Slaying London

miley-slays-london (1)Queen Miley Ray Cyrus wearing hot white platforms and stunning platinum hair stepped out of 100 Club after catching a performance by American Hi-Fi in London. Photo: PacificCoastNews.

  • TrueSmiler

    Joke slut.

    • thecat61


  • Guest

    The word “slaying” is used too loosely these days.

  • threelittlebirds

    those shoes are giving me a spice girls vibe

  • Alii

    I’m 5’8 but I still find myself buying platform shoes like that. Very cute.

    • thecat61

      You’re 5’8, damn. I’m 5’1 ain’t no platform shoes gonna make me tall enough.

      She does look cute!

  • huh

    To those shoes she’s got on are giving me Angelica Pickles ‘All Grown Up’ vibes.

  • Cali

    She does not look good here something is going on with her face so puffy