Selena & Kendall Jenner ‘Private Dinner’

Kendall Jenner & Selena Gomez Meet For LunchSelena Gomez and Kendall Jenner chatted during a dinner party on Tuesday, May 6, a source told Us Weekly. They both dined at a private residence for Mirtha Michelle’s new book release ‘Letter to the Men I Loved.’

‘Selena and Kendall were friendly. They said hi to each other but sat on opposite sides of the table.’ The small party of about 20 people also included Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel, Maryna Linchuk, Magdalena Frackowiak, and Gigi Hadid. Selena hung with Hadid as Jenner, 18, sat with her girlfriends.

It was rumored that Bieber hooked up with Kylie but source said: ‘Selena has no issues with the Jenner girls. They had an issue but they have cleared it up. She has always liked the Jenner girls. They had been fans of Selena since they were young.’

Candids of Selena walking at the dinner HERE & HERE!


  • uest

    Has Kendal always been that tall or Selena’s always been that short?

    • threelittlebirds

      kendall is tall, plus she has heels on.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Threesome with hunky Bieber. Called it!

  • Emma Stone

    “They said hi to each other but sat on opposite sides of the table.”
    I love that they added that in. As if 2 people, out to dinner with 20 other people, who sit at opposite sides of the table is a big issue.

  • noriwest

    Selena looks nasty with that bikini with the guy

  • Eva

    Does Selena actually have any real feud going on? Or is it always the media trying to make it seem so?

  • KelenaShipper

    OMG! :3 I so ship both of them as a couple.. <3 Would be the hottest young couple everrrrr, if so… *drools* <3 <3 <3 <3