Selena Kicked Parents Out Of House?

selena-gomez-kicks-parents-outSelena Gomez is selling the Tarzana home where her parents live.

  • shanghai

    Ha ha would never buy that magazine but the topics and images on the front page certainly give me a laugh!!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Understandable, Bruce’s new look humiliates me too and I don’t know the man.

  • gcop

    The entire story is NOT true.
    “For starters, an actual Gomez insider tells Gossip Cop that “it was not Selena’s decision to put the house up for sale.”
    More importantly, she’s not fighting with or angry at them.

    • guest

      Gossip cop is no more reliable than tabloids.Gossip Cop gets there info from the the celebs team and they lie to protect their clients image just as much as the tabloids lie.

      • Cali

        ikr we’re talking about celebs not government secrets jeez

  • Kurdt Kobain

    bruce is starting to remind me of michael jackson..

  • oh

    But it looks better than her new one. Her parents probably think they don’t need a house so big now after she left

  • oh

    Bruce looks like it now?? D:

  • oh
  • lol

    Lol pretty much this entire cover looks fake, especially the Kris Jenner ‘drunk all day’ one, and she’s hangin out a limo window. Or the one with Kim’s butt hanging out the back of her dress and her ‘cry’ face. Pretty much all the kardashian esque ones cracked me up.

  • Pamela Lansbury

    I’m here only for Kim’s face at “Panic! Her dress didn’t fit” AHAHAH