Spring Breakers Sequel CONFIRMED

selena-gomez-spring-breakers-best-pictureSelena Gomez’s hit film ‘Spring Breakers’ is getting a sequel! SO EXCITED!

French sales and production company Wild Bunch announced ‘Spring Breakers: The Second Coming.’ A follow-up that will reportedly feature a mix of old and new cast members, but Selena reportedly won’t be returning, it will follow the original Breakers as they declare war on a group of militant Christians out to rescue them from their debauchery.

The first film’s writer-director Harmony Korine isn’t on board. Screenplay has been written by Irvine Welsh, the Scottish author of cult novel ‘Trainspotting.’ ‘It’s not a direct sequel although there are allusions to some of the characters in the original.’

Selena should be in it, it was her most successful movie to date!

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  • asdfghjkl

    I’m in as long as there’s hot lesbian action in it. I loved that threesome scene with Ashley and Vanessa, though it would’ve been better if it was Selena and Ashley.

  • Kurdt Kobain

    -casually hopes that aliens ghost is apart of the sequel-

  • anon

    Not really a sequel. Just someone wanting to use the hype. Different director, actors, script…

  • qazqaw

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  • BangBang

    Was the first one even good?

    • Kurdt Kobain

      I loved it sooooooo much.

    • laura

      It wasn’t the best tbh but that had mostly to do with the actors, except for James. And idk at times it felt that there was missing something. It could’ve been better but it was ok.

    • anna

      it was pretty terrible.

    • Blah

      I thought it was shit

  • Tash

    Spring Breakers wasn’t even released in my country. Not even direct to DVD. I’m sure the majority of people here don’t even know of it’s existence. This is one of those, ‘wtf?? They’re making a sequel?? Who even watched the 1st one??!!’ moments.

    • Eva

      Where do you live?!

      • Tash

        South Africa. We get all the major films. But this wasn’t big enough I’m guessing. Nor was there any interest for a DVD release. Over here, the teen stars are not as big of a deal. Only Bieber. But he’s everywhere. Otherwise, we don’t really go crazy for the youngsters. I’m a very rare breed that actually knows all these teen stars & random ‘celebs’. Most have heard of the major names but I’m pretty sure most people can’t name anybody from 1D, still can’t name the Jonas Brothers, are not famalier with Ariana Grande & would probably be like ‘wtf is a Janoskian?? :|’. So that explains a lot. We just don’t have this immense young Hollywood culture flowing through the land. Most people wouldn’t know Vanessa, Ashley or James & Selena they only know because of Bieber & ‘Come & get it’. So it’s not a big deal cast here.

        • Eva

          That probably explains it…

    • laura

      What? It even got released here in Belgium :o
      It’s not like you missed anything though, most critics here only gave it 3/5 stars or even less and that says a lot tbh. But it wasn’t bad either haha

      • Eva

        I know! With the way the 4 girls and James Franco were all over Europe for premiers!

        • laura

          They didn’t come to Belgium tho haha

          • Eva

            … Yeah, lol, the media coverage made it seem like they went EVERYWHERE.

      • Tash

        Yeah but Europe gets a bunch of stuff we don’t. South Africa isn’t a very fruitful entertainment place. Forget about an entertainment career. That’s a joke. You’ll spend more money than you earn & people who used to be kids tv presenters 10 years ago are considered celebs & a notable one too. It’s fucked! :/

        • laura

          Ooh you live in South Africa? Then it makes sense haha maybe the movie was just too violent/sexual to be released there? I’ve heard of that happening to some movies in a few countries.. Or maybe because it’s an independent movie?
          Holy shit are you for real? That’s so fucked up..

          • Tash

            No, this is the violence capital of the world, lol. So that’s not a biggy ;) I think it being an Independent film is probably why. I think you’re correct there. Trust me, when I explained how our industry is. I wasn’t exaggerating. I just walked into the store yesterday & saw that magazines were covering the wedding of that same former kids tv presenter of 10 years ago. She’ll probably have tv cover it too. It’s ridiculous. This girl was even on ‘celebrity’ survivor. The only entertainment job she had was a few years of being a kids tv presenter. Now she’s this socialite & gets jobs for being ‘famous’. People from overseas have really criticized & been disappointed with our industry & just lack of it. But this is actually a great place for celebs to come on holiday. Promise, if bieber dressed normally & wore a cap or hoody & didn’t roll with the entourage, he could totally skate board down the street with no one noticing or paying him any attention. You could totally come here, chill & go & no one would know. Celebs just need to not put everything on social media & out themselves!

  • Pamela Lansbury

    Spring Breakers was a complete mess! I really don’t know how people love it ._.

    Selena shouldn’t do it first because she even didn’t want to do the first one, then I don’t think that a movie about sex, alchol and drugs would be good for her at this moment…

    • anon

      It says “Selena reportedly won’t be returning”. She just did the first one because her mom is a Harmony fan but Harmony is not in the sequel

  • misslalax

    I think if they do a remake it would probably be Vanessa & Ashley being the old cast that actually didn’t run home because they were scared.

  • threelittlebirds

    the plot sounds even more stupid than the first one, if thats even possible.

  • Cici

    No Selena no watch

  • Hollyhysteria

    what no why

  • smb

    First off, wasn’t Selena’s movie, it was Vanessa’s and Ashley’s movie. Just because someone has an ensemble cast role in the movie you shouldn’t refer to it as their movie. Second, now that Selena’s out of the movie, it actually has a chance to be good. She was the weak link in the first movie.

    • anon

      she was gone in like the first 30 minutes of the movie and the rest of the movie was still shit.

  • anon

    this movie was one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen. i will never get that time of my life back.

  • Kylie

    Run, Selena, RUN!