Miley Flaunts Weed Purse At Claridge’s

MMiley arriving at Claridge’s hotel holding a weed purse in London. WENN.


  • Anna

    I don’t really have a problem with people who smoke weed. But people who constantly talk about it and wear clothes/accessories about it and act like it’s sooo great and don’t shut up about it, like Miley, are so annoying

    • Joshua

      Totally agree, I smoke along with a few others I know and you would never know it… she is acting like a poser.

    • Alii
      • Soph

        What if it was a black or mulatto girl?

  • guest

    So, what your point about the purse?

  • Kurdt Kobain

    this should be her themesong

  • lol

    Well Oceanup, I think it is your fault that Miley is going overboard with the weed campaign now. All those posts when she was sick lol

  • Gkd13

    It’s like she’s trying to shock people by talking about weed and wearing weed shit. But weed is like no big deal, who gives a fuck if she’s smoking it religiously?! Stop showing it off Miley

    • thecat61

      Why don’t you tell the media to give it a rest. She’s gonna do what she’s gonna do.

  • elena

    when white girls smoke weed one time.

  • bosco

    all you young people should continue to smoke weed and stay permanently high because your future is so fucked up when you idolize the likes of miley cyrus and her friends. the end is just around the corner. put down your phones and listen to Michael Savage. he’ll give you all a wake up call about the real world, pretty bleak.

  • sara

    always been a miley fan, but she’s just so annoying lately. i know she used to do stuff like this, but she used to seem more down to earth when off stage. now she’s just trying too hard.

  • Hollyhysteria

    Full of class.