Miley Leaves Nightclub At 3 AM In Bra

MOur Queen Miley Ray Cyrus seen leaving Madame Jojo’s nightclub in her bra stumbling at 3:30 A after partying with Kate Moss. Miley was seen leaving the club wearing a crop top and boxer shorts with leather pants. Photos: WENN.

  • Maggie

    Well what’s new.. but she looks cute.

  • Alii

    Love, money, party. And hopefully no cocaine.

  • thecat61

    She hosted a party with Mert and Marcus last night.


  • Eva

    Tell us something new… No one cares about her partying anymore… Like Seriously.

    • thecat61

      Like, apparently you do.


        She obviously doesn’t if she just stated she doesn’t! Got damn, you are stuck so far up Miley’s ass you feel the need to defend her from the slightest insults. Its honestly pathetic.

        • thecat61


        • Eva

          Funny thing is it was not even an insult. Just a statement that she has been doing it so long that we don’t care about it any more… Crazy fans can be so annoying.

  • no

    Katy Moss is bad news

  • Hollyhysteria

    That didn’t take long.

  • laura

    I am digging it to be honest.

  • Cici

    no. that’s seriously ugly

  • Godney

    Not a cute bra…

  • roxanneXD

    big head or too thin

    • Eva

      Oh God…lmao.

    • bosco

      I thought the same thing, both are true