Selena Happy After Bieber’s Girl Reveal

regram-2Selena Gomez is still happy after Bieber revealed he’s hooking up with replacement: ‘Charity doesn’t know Spanish. PERO ladies, siempre amate a ti mismo.’ ‘Instead, ill pray above for what I have. So thankful for a well deserved break. Thinking about all of you unconditionally.’ Do YOU think Justin Bieber lied to her?!

NOTE: Selena is following Dream Out Loud & Lorraine Schwartz on Instgram!

  • HolyGround

    She looks so happy here, I hope it stays that way

    • anonymous

      i’d hate to see you upset

      • HolyGround

        Thanks, I’d also hate to see me upset

  • anonymous

    proverbs 4. a good starting point for a better life

  • porter

    here she goes making drama! she knows what people are going to think tham she likes to get intto problems. drama queen.

    • lol

      whattttttttttttttt lmao what very make u sleep at night

  • shy

    what books is that she getting that from?

    • cass


      Proverbs 4:22-26

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    I literally think this girl is about to downward spiral. Her up and down with Biebs is making her go insane.

  • k

    lol, she blocked me off ig because I said ”thinking of you unconditionally” doesn’t make sense.

  • BrokenArrow18

    she’s gonna go nuts if she isnt already