Shirtless Harry Styles Nearly Shows Penis + A Girl Tried To Follow Him Into Bathoom & Liam Payne Is Still Smoking

Oharry-styles-shows-penis (1)One Direction stud Harry Styles shirtless showing off his hot body nearly showing his penis in Rio De Janeiro at the hotel pool. At one point, a female fan tried to follow Harry Styles to the male’s bathroom but she finds a security guy blocking the entrance. Also, Liam Payne is still smoking reportedly to lose weight. Photos: GSI Media.

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  • Duckyhoward15

    Naughty hazza

  • threelittlebirds

    i think ponytails are so creepy on guys

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      same… just dont.

  • Guest

    Daaaaamnnnn. He just keeps getting uglier and uglier. I didnt think it was even possible.

  • Luciana



    I thought that was Blender

  • FuckHarry

    Please cut your hair

    • Duckyhoward15


      • FuckHarry

        I know I feel like I’m the only person who hates his longer hair :'(

        • Duckyhoward15

          but he looks so cute with it :(

  • anon

    i can’t find him attractive at all

  • Alii

    I like his hair. Grow it longer, Harry.

  • Tash

    Bruce!!!! :D

    • K

      Just what I thought!

  • anna

    he looks good. he looks like the kind of guy you could have a good, intellectual conversation with but also has a sense of humor.

    • Tash

      I think the word your looking for is ‘normal’ :p hehe normal is so elusive these days.

      • anna

        well…there are normal people who don’t have much of a sense of humor, or normal people that cant really keep up a conversation..but are still normal. but yes, he’s still normal.

  • anon

    He looks good tho, he doesnt have to look like Chris Hemsworth shirtless to have an acceptable body smh!

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Literally came on here for this


    yo u are so cute harry

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