• Grammy Winner Taylor Swift


    A 20 year old unzipping his pants in front of 13 year olds!

    He should be arrested!

    • Rocky

      Shut up.

    • Godney

      wow… i didnt think about that…
      ALOT if not mostly of his fans are underage…

  • Cali

    Aren’t their fans like 15ish? Don’t mind otherwise but jeez there’s probably 12 year olds in the audience parents are gonna be ticked

  • jaz

    Fuck u! hypocrite!

  • Tash

    I always think these guys slip through the cracks. People are so busy hating Bieber & everyone else that these guys get away with a lot & bypass a lot of criticism. I’ve always thought they were terribly inappropriate. From the days of watching Harry eat a candy thong Zayn was wearing & them just grabbing & touching each other in a sexual way. They might think it’s funny but it doesn’t make it any less appropriate than Biebers crotch grabs or Miley’s sexual antics. It being a joke doesn’t diminish the act. Even their music doesn’t get as much scrutiny. Midnight Memories is such a rubbish track. It’s sounds like a bad Camp Rock song. Yet they are selling like crazy. It really pays to float under the radar. I feel like if they were an American group, they’d be almost over by now & not credible at all, as well as be under a lot of heat.

    • Dany


    • Lena

      Dude talk about overeacting. Ok, you dont like their music, I dont like it too, but the thing is not that they should be criticized, but that justin and miley should not. No one has to be a role model to personality-less thirteen year olds. All of them are over age and can do whatever they want. also, embracing your sexuality shouldn’t be so much of a taboo. ugh.

  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    Stay classy harry

  • Maggie

    Gaah, I’m over them.

  • He gets the most stupid and random tattoos…he will end up regretting this one

  • BangBang

    But why?