Jon Stewart ‘Bieber Diminished Selena’

bieber-ruined-selenaJon Stewart revealed to Seth Myers: ‘I have young children. And [Selena] was the winner of the family wizard competition on Wizards of Waverly Place. They were engaged in a battle for four years and she ended up winning. My kids really respected that victory.’

Seth: ‘And it’s diminished by her association with Justin Bieber?’ Jon: ‘How do I explain that to them? She was a wizard and now she’s hanging out with a douchebag.’ Do YOU think Bieber really did ruin Selena?


  • Rocky

    This dude is a cunt. I’m am so sick of this ‘Selena is innocent’ ‘Justin ruined her’ ‘Justin is the bad guy’ bullshit. Stop making it seem like Selena never does anything wrong. When Jelena broke up, Selena did nothing but shade him left and right and whenever Justin was asked about Selena he said nothing but nice things about her. But Justin is the douchebag? Jon Stewart has done acting before and you’d think he’d know that the character you play doesn’t represent who you are in reality yet he thinks Selena is just like Alex? This guy is a judgemental dumbass.

    • lol

      You for sure will convince adult people that Selena is the bad guy because she shaded an ex that acted as a horny dog for VS models and humiliated her on national television. Keep dreaming!

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Just pointing out they were broken up when he was at the VS show.

        • lol

          how do you know? Selena for sure didn’t think so

        • Try again

          and you know they were broken up because….? it surely didn’t seem like they were broken up when they were seen together a few days before the performance.

    • roxanneXD

      both are fake bye

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I get their point, Bieber leaves no room to be liked, we get it. But let’s not act like Selena didn’t pine after him.

    • anon

      he is not excusing her for to be after him

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Did you read otherwise?

        • anon

          so idk what you’re complaining about. he is implying Selena is not a person to be looked up to by his kids because if she hangs with Justin she is not a good person, that is the same you’re implying

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            Who said I was complaining? Now you’re starting stuff. B Y E.

  • Truth

    Selena is fucking satan stop bowing down and feeding her grapes people!!! She be evil

  • dina wassef

    selena is not even hanging out with bieber anymore , they are not together now ,justin is the one that ruined her

    • guest

      She was just with a few weeks ago at coachilla and in Miami.When they are not together its because Justin doesn’t want to be together so he can openly be with other girls.When Justin wants to screw Selena he calls her and she go’s running right back to him.

  • Tash

    1stly Alex was a lazy asshole. She should have never won. All that show taught kids was that you can go about life being a total fuck up & still come out on top. 2nd, Bieber is a douche but Selena CHOSE to be with him. HER fault, NOT his. We all know the saying about fool me once & twice. It stopped being his fault after the 1st break up. After that, she made her own bed. Seth should also consider, how much of a good girl is she or how accurate his/others interpretation of her is, if she indeed loves & supports a douchebag. Remember, birds of a feather, flock together.

    • hudgens.

      Heyyy buddy

  • honesty

    Okay yeah justin has done some stupid things, but it really isn’t helping to keep kicking him while he’s down. Lend a helping hand instead of bashing him. How about that?

    • Mariah

      It’s Bieber. No one cares how he feels. He isn’t treated like a human most of the time. When it comes to him nothing is good for people. They will knock him even when he does good or nothing at all. It’s been that way since his debut and it will always be that way. In people’s eyes he will always be remembered for these mistakes he did. Wait and see.

      • honesty

        Yeah and it totally isn’t fair. He has no guidance right now and with all the money he has and in the world he’s living in, guidance would go a longggggggggg way.

  • Mariah

    It’s getting annoying how brainwashed people are getting with this ” Everything is Biebers fault let’s blame him for everyone’s problems.” I might not be the biggest supporter of Bieber lately but people need to realize he’s not some devil who forces people to hang out with him and destroys their lives. I don’t see him betraying any of his friends or anyone at least it doesn’t seem so. He treats even his entourage and people who work for him like family. People need to stop being so judgemental and close minded and look on the brighter side. Everyone wants negative news of Bieber because they love spreading hate towards him. I bet his good behavior from now on will get ignored and all his usual hate wagon will just wait for every single thing just to find something bad in it. I’m impressed by the ignorance and hypocrisy of people in general when it comes to Bieber. Specially on this site. Dude talks about his faith and gets mean comments on it. I bet if someone else did it they would be praised. He responds in a mature way to Seth Rogan without any insults like Seth did to him again he gets trashed and attacked yet he showed more maturity in that case. Seriously… No matter if Bieber changes or not does good or bad folks will hate on him no matter what and victimize Selena on everything. It’s getting even sad to think the world has so much hatred for someone and will never give then a chance. He was hated before being a douchebag. When he was just being him a nice kid with morals and love for music but everywhere he would go he would see “gay,pussy,faggot,hope he dies,untalented..”. I’m not victimizing him now at all. Just pointing out these few things. I guess it will never stop I kinda understand why he’s so unhappy and obviously faking everything. He doesn’t even have real friends or even good parents to talk to. Nobody the world is rooting for his downfall and blaming him for everything showing no sympathy and acting like he killed people. Sad. I hope he’ll go through thishell and not end up even worse.

  • Cali

    She is 21 an Adult and responsible for herself and HER choices. Can’t pin her problems on someone else.

  • Angie.

    His logic is very biased and stupid.

  • laura

    I am going to be honest, I had to look up who Jon Stewart was… But turns out he’s that funny guy I always see on tumblr.
    Anyway, he’s the age of my father and I don’t think a person that age should talk about two stupid young adults who annoy 90% of the world’s population. Seriously, just leave that to the selenators and the beliebers and act like a fucking adult.
    I am so fucking done with this shit and I honestly can’t wait until the day people will say ‘jelena? who the fuck is that?’

    • HolyGround

      “Selenators and beliebers” fandom names make me cringe soo hard. I’m obviously not going to deny I’m a fan of taylor but I can’t handle the word “swiftie,” its so terrible lmfao. I can’t wait until people stop talking about them either

      • laura

        To be honest, they make me cringe as well, mostly because they sound ridiculous and because I associate them with crazy ass fans haha

      • pacmakaveli

        I only think Beyhive and Navy are cool names for fan bases lol.

        • HolyGround

          Ehh I still think those are pretty bad but definitely not as bad as the other ones. I love Beyonce’s music but can’t take saying beyhive haha

    • noriwest

      SHUT UP laura

  • Matt

    I think it’s pretty safe to say they diminished each others careers. Both are now known for their disfunction not their talent. Beiber should’ve just put out an album. If your going to annoy everyone you might as well do it with music. You get paid for that at least. Well, for now anyway. It’s not anyone can say their sick of his songs. I haven’t heard one since the one with Nicki Minaj.

    • Mariah

      Bieber is way more talented then Selena and his latest music is way better to me.

  • sara

    what a weird argument… being the family wizard was not a defining moment in her career or something haha

  • Em

    I am tired about you have to be what other people think you should be. Why can’t she gow up? She won’t spend the rest of her life in Disney… being a 14 years-old-girl.

  • Dash

    I honestly feel bad for selena. I was there once, no matter how many times someone screws you over or messes up you still take them back because you feel like you’ll never find someone else or like they’re the one for you. But sometimes if somethings not working it’s because it really cant be fixed and you need to move on. She’ll realize that eventually and someone will come in to her life that changes everything. It just may not be with Justin.

  • smb

    This guy must be living in his own world. How else can you explain comparing a character on TV to the real life actress. Who a person is on stage, TV or big screen is not who they really are. Selena’s is not her TV character. She a user, a back stabber, and not nearly as talented as fans want her to be. They judge her on her TV character, which isn’t the real her. People are so shallow.

  • Troll

    Definitely! Bieber ruined her and if she keeps associating herself with him, her career will go down and its already happening!

    • pacmakaveli

      Lmao the delusion

  • Eva

    I will say it one more time. I am so disappointed in Selena… I expected more from her. I honestly did. She is the only one to blame for her ‘problems’, Justin is an idiot kid who we all expected to end up the exact way he did. But I had high hopes for Selena… Especially regarding UNICEF and being a voice for the youth. From day 1 when they were caught holding hands I hated their relationship… But I am not going to blame Justine for her choices, she should have said no.

    • pacmakaveli

      You’re a biased Selena fan and a Bieber hater and always treat her like an innocent little girl who does no wrong. But you also have to realize Bieber didn’t actually do shit to her. Her career would flop either way cause she’s a pretty face with no talent or personality. PR she got by being associated to him and others kept her relevant and talked about but she’s now even loosing that. Her fake act was the reason many people dislike her but delusional people like you who act like they know her and fell for her cute innocent face will always excuse her no matter what and make it seem like it’s someone’s else fault usually Bieber. Maybe now you’re not blaming him but you were before like all Selena’s ass lickers. You’re like this host. Thinking her wizard character and image for media is actually her. Lol.