Madison Pettis Heavenly Legs For Nylon

Nylon Magazine May Young Hollywood Issue PartyMadison Pettis, 15, showed off in shape legs at Nylon Magazine May Young Hollywood Issue Party. The child actress is quickly rising through Hollywood ranks and will be starring in the upcoming Mostly Ghostly: Have You Met My Ghoulfriend. Photos: WENN.

  • honesty

    She is entirely too young to be dressing this way. She looks 25. Although, how can you still be formal and look your age, right? Especially in Hollywood.

    • laura

      idk maybe wear a cute dress like Ariana used to? I feel like those are quite appropriate for her age. Oh and some cute sandals.
      This girl dresses like a grown up woman.

      • honesty

        That’s true! It may be the color too though. Like imagine if Ari’s dresses were black…they’d automatically look more mature. So maybe they just should wear more childish colors? Hahaa. Like if this outfit here was floral print and pastel colored with lower heels and if she didn’t have that lipstick on, she’d look her age. Light makeup and light colors and prints make you look younger, I suppose.

        • laura

          Yeah, I think so too. Her makeup is way too dark for being so young. It just weird how all this kids are dressing like adults. Creeps me out tbh.

          • honesty

            It’s scary because these girls are fooling adult males. It’s just gross!

  • hh

    lol I’m 18 and she looks older than me…

  • Cali

    This makeup is not doing her face any favors. TOO much. She’d look prettier if she went lighter.

  • XaskTaylorX

    She looks gorgeous…. If she was a few years older! Why does this generation think showing legs or chest is sexy? Sexy is just being your confident self or whatever. Just not the other way!

  • Tash

    When she was younger, I couldn’t have predicted she’s end up pretty. I think she will blossom even more as she gets older & become a stunner. She was cute, but then again we think all kids are cute, just because they are kids. But she wasn’t good looking. She had those weird faces. So I was surprised to see her years later. But I do feel she is a bit inappropriate for her age. I’ve seen her Instagram etc & it’s been a bit sexual for a few years now. Just hope she doesn’t get caught up & she just does that for the cameras but she isn’t acting too grown in her real life.

  • HolyGround

    I thought she was like 20…but she’s younger than me…