Selena Gomez Competitive Bikini Photo

selena-bikini-tittiesyo-selena‘Ask’. Selena Gomez posted a bikini photo to compete with Yovanna. Yovanna: Don’t compare yourself to others, compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. You’re beautiful in your own way,

If there’s something you don’t like about your body don’t envy other people, motivate yourself and work on what you want to change, if you can’t change something just learn to love it.

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  • honesty

    Her shoulder looks so huge! Lol it’s the way the photo is lit.

  • xx
    • Marina And My Diamonds


    • Lol

      Hahahaha armbits need shaven selena

      • Godney

        why tho? if she doesnt want to why does she “needs” to?

  • Guest1

    She takes really amazing selfies. Damn she’s beautiful.

  • xoxo


  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Sorry, Selena. You’re no longer the girl the teen boys want to bang!

    It belongs to Ariana.

  • ….

    Her selfie game is always on point

    • Aaliyahnoelle

      CORRECT!! her selfie game is EVERYTHING and then some. I need her secrets lol.

  • imo

    They both beautiful. Selena is more a hollywood type of beauty and Yovanna is more a Sport Illustrated type of beauty.

  • Mariah

    Both are beautiful to me it’s just that Yovanna has more of a woman’s body and seems to develop more in every aspect considering she’s younger then Selena. But why does Selena always use so many filters? She is beautiful without them !

    • Godney

      whats a “woman’s body”?

      • Duckyhoward15

        boobs , and a big butt , curves , hips etc

        • ha

          Selena has bigger boobs than Yovanna

        • Godney

          so if a female doesnt has big boobs or big ass or hips she is not a woman?
          shut the fuck up

          • laura

            Ugh I am getting so fed up with this. Seriously a woman is anyone who identifies as a woman.

          • Duckyhoward15

            not what i said , what i said was that people refer to the term a woman body , is when she has big boobs and ass :)

          • Godney

            gosh just shut up… that sounds so stupid.

          • Godney

            I dont want to sound mean or something, but it is stupid as fuck

          • Duckyhoward15

            You are acting like I am the one who made the term , trust me you are mean :)

          • Godney

            YESS!! i am so tired of “woman body” and “real females has curves” bullshit… like shut the fuck up!
            If i identify myself as a female i am woman.. no matter the size of my boobs, ass, hips or the long of my hair.

          • RiriNAVY

            Lol. The comment was made because little girls body evolves in a woman’s body by getting wider hips and breasts and shoulders and simply changes with age. Of course a real grown woman is not supposed to look like a 12 year old one. Turn your brain on. It’s not that she’s bit a woman it’s the body that simply didn’t evolve into one you’re supposed to have when you age.

          • Godney

            she if a female is 40 and she doesnt has that the person who wrote the comment said big boobs or ass… she is not a woman?

          • Duckyhoward15

            you are the kind of person who turns words just like they want , you asked what is exactly a woman’s body i told you it means boobs , big ass and hips not that i believe that it should be meant that but I thought you wanted an answer its my fault that I went to your level and answered someone as rude as you

          • Godney

            i dont think of myself as being rude… but i am a bitch…
            just realize of the words you use before you use them.

          • Godney

            just shut the fuck up too.

          • Mariah

            Lmao chill not everyone agrees with you smh woman’s body is supposed to change and evolve it’s bad if a 30 year old looks like 14 year old. Just accept it.

          • ya’ll ignorant as FUCK.

            “it’s bad if a 30 year old looks like 14 year” no its not, its bad if ignorant bitches like you think certain body types are wrong, bad or unfitting with the person’s age.

          • Mariah

            Lol. Shut the fuck up and get realistic. I’m not ignorant dumbasss it is the way body evolves with age. It’s normal and everyone grows as they get older. It’s a natural way a God made us. It IS bad if someone’s body still looks the same as they did when they were 14 because they simply still didn’t fully evolve and grow up. You bitches so butthurt.

          • Godney

            Not everybody’s body grows the same… just like not everybody’s brain is the same… it shows.

          • Duckyhoward15

            thank you <3

          • Duckyhoward15

            No this isn’t what I said , what I said was what is referred too as a woman body is when she has big boobs and big ass or hips , jsy i don’t have big boobs or big ass so please stop being so aggressive and learn the difference between answering your question and saying something kitten :)

          • Godney

            but you still dont get what i am saying.. why called it a “woman body”… your words come up as thats the only body a woman has. If they dont have that body they are not woman…. and thats not right.

  • hudgens.

    Who cares if she had a little armpit hair. She’s only human.

    • roxanneXD

      little armpit hair

  • Angie.

    They’re both pretty but I like the other girl more, maybe because I’m not so into Selena’s baby face and young looking in general?

  • tom

    I think jovanna is definately hotter than selena in every way, selena has a baby face and in no way she has the hot looking body jovanna has. and selena darling we shave under our armpits. selena can work out and she can stop been lazy. thank god she has fast metabolism because if not selena will be huge.

  • HolyGround

    Selena is flawlesss

  • Some Dude

    OU why is demi’s facebook, twitter, and website blacked out

    • in jesus name i pray amen

      was literally wondering the same thing idgi.

    • anon

      new single coming?

      • Alii

        Fingers crossed!

      • Some Dude

        Really Don’t Care is coming i thought, but that doesn’t explain why everything’s blacked out

  • Matt

    If this was to compete with the other chick wouldn’t she have shown her whole body? She only showed he face. I’m pretty sure we can cross her face off the list of reasons Beiber still wants her. Pretty sure her crotch has a little more to do with it.

  • Overexposed

    Selena is gorgeous but she looks younger than 21

    • Godney

      its her baby face… i am 21 and i look older lol, but with the right make up and clothes i look younger lol

  • CJ

    Selena’s pretty but she has a baby face I think that’s why I don’t see her as sexy or hot && she doesn’t have the sexiest body if you get what I’m saying like she’s not far but she doesn’t have a nice ass and curves. I’d personally bang someone with nice curves like Kim kardashian Demi lovato or beyonce or even this girl cause I think they are SEXY! but that’s just me but Selena’s pretty though but I see her as a little girl lol

  • BrokenArrow18

    armpit hair makes me wanna throw up

  • trop

    there is no competition jovanna body banging selena is flufly and outshape that why she only showed her face and not her entire body because she is outshape, jovanna definately wins this one. lol selena trying to looks sexy and she doesnt.

    • Bad

      Cos she’d get called a whore if she did
      Like allll girls do when they post a bikini pic

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Not all girls post bikini pics.

  • Clauber

    Whois yovanna? Cause She sounds pretty bitchy

    • idk

      Justin Bieber new girlfriend or side hoe. Not sure

      • Clauber

        OMG LOL really?

  • Eva

    Selena’s face is always on point.

  • fact

    from the waist up Selena >>
    from the waist down Yovanna >>

  • Caitlyn D