Justin Bieber Joyrich Shopper Jock

Justin Bieber Out Shopping At JoyrichSinger Justin Bieber and his crew out shopping at Joyrich in West Hollywood, California on May 10, 2014. Justin has been in a war of words with Seth Rogen and ‘The Black Keys’ drummer Patrick Carney. The pair have joined the long list of celebrities who are not a fan. Photos: FameFlynet.

  • pacmakaveli

    I’ve never seen him wearing boots look but he looks good here. Nice outfit

  • Maggie

    I dunno why but I’m proud of him for covering his chest this time. Seriously he’s like the male Miley Cyrus when it comes to not wearing a shirt.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry but no. Before he was but now he gained weight more and is getting more muscular and bigger. Take it slow and you’ll see he’ll have a good body. He has a decent body now. The Miley jokes are starting to not really work anymore.

      • anna

        he does have a good body but that doesn’t mean to go and not wear a shirt everywhere you go.

      • Maggie

        What? I don’t give two fucks about his body, I just hate it when guys think they’re the shit because they don’t wear shirts and the other stupid stuff they do and label as ‘style’ or ‘swag’ or whatever. And that wasn’t a joke, I was being serious.

  • Xyz

    I love this outfit on him :) he’s cute with beanies and the boots look good on these jeans..

  • ivan

    This article implies it has been a two way insult fest; it has been a ONE SIDED insult effort on the part of two grown older men toward a young man who did nothing to them. they are preaching to the choir-his haters to promote their movie and album as even some other sites have noticed. This is pure bullying on their part but of course if the insults are directed at the media’s favorite target for exaggerated or made up stories, that’s OK. the response of Justin has been very muted and not insulting.