The CW 2014 New Show Posters

cw-shows (4)cw-shows (3)Are YOU looking forward to any of them?

  • Alii

    When will they make shows like One Tree Hill again? Best show ever.

    • lucy

      Agree ;) I also recommend HoD :)

  • Cali

    these are gonna be bad

  • laura

    These are the descriptions for the shows, it sounds even more awful than the posters look omfg:

    But the messengers has potential imo.

    • Jes

      Can’t believe the canceled the tomorrow people and star crossed for these shows.

      • laura

        Ooh are they any good? I might check them out then :)

        • Jes

          i personally like them the tomorrow people more than starcrossed but its a here there thing some like some dont

      • Laura

        The Tomorrow People and Star-Crossed were awful in my opinion. Especially Star-Crossed, I was really into TTP at first, but the story line went downhill pretty quick. They should’ve also cancelled The 100.

  • iWizard

    I’m a superhero fan, so The Flash is the only thing that I’m looking forward to.

    • Hollyhysteria

      I’m so excited for that!

  • Guest

    They canceled The tomorrow people and Star Crossed for Jane the Virgin??

  • Matt

    Jane the virgin? WTF? “I am the virgin Marry. That’s my strory and I’m sticking too it.” The girl on the IZombie show is really pretty.

    • Matt


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Umm, let me not get into my feelings about this.

  • threelittlebirds

    no thanks, i’ll stick my supernatural and vampire diaries.