• threelittlebirds

    Ugh, why does every Disney star have to sing these days? They all suck anyway.

    • laura

      Thank god Zac Efron never wanted a singing career haha

      • threelittlebirds

        Omg, could you imagine? Or Shia labeouf?

        • laura

          Ugh please no! That’d be the most embarrassing thing ever tbh

        • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP

          don’t give him any ideas!

    • guest

      Money, simple as that. Disney wants to cash in on their stars as much as possible.

    • Alex

      Dove is actually a good singer though. And they don’t ALL suck. Demi doesn’t suck, does she? She came from Disney. She’s your profile picture.

      • threelittlebirds

        No she doesn’t, but i meant as the new crop of Disney stars. Hence why I said, these days.

    • Matt

      For that kind of money I would too. Just bring out the autotune and call me Kesha. I’m getting my Usher on. OK more like my dying “I just got hit by a moving bus” Usher but I’d still go for it. I’m not sure they’ve made strong enough autotune for my singing. I’d end up sounding like T-Pain on acid.

      • threelittlebirds

        That’s pretty much how singing is anyway. Producers just auto tune the shit out of your voice, so listeners can’t hear how you really sound