Janoskians Real Girls Eat Cake Music Vid

  • Rah

    Well this was shit.

  • yung illuminati

    Am I the only one noticing that all these boybands keep making songs with the same message? I’m no directioner but they all ride off the success that “What Makes You Beautiful” and the fact it made girls feel like all they needed to be is themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that and I encourage it, I just hope they’re making these songs because they genuinely feel that way and not because they know it’ll get the girls swooning over them and sell well.

    Maaaybe I’m just cynical…

    • Tash

      Um, the weird part is, I don’t even think the boys eat cake. They are on a diet 24/7 & constantly in the gym. They actually speak kinda like how girls speak about food & weight. They talk about carbs, having cheat days, being hard on themselves about not eating right or gyming, etc etc etc. They basically bitch about it like crazy. Jai has a bit of a complex because he used to be chubby & he talks about it a lot. That 1 guy used to be chubby also. The only 1 out of the 5. Then they moved to America & signed their record deal & he suddenly started dropping weight & is now thin & looks so different. Jai is with Ariana too. So it’s all very obvious that they don’t like girls who eat cake.

      • Duckyhoward15

        Well they are selling a fake image like all other celebs :)

      • strater

        i follow them on social media and just got off of there live chat and the whole time they were drinking soda and eating potato chips. So yeah sometimes people do diet but that doesnt mean they dont like the sweets and junk food as well. The song isnt about cake its a metaphor for doing things or eating things or loving things that make you happy.

    • Duckyhoward15

      I agree chloe , carry you , she looks so perfect and now this all in less than a year but nothing making it big like wmyb though haha

  • A Cat

    “Real girls eat cake”

    Screw you, I’m not fake if I decide to eat something healthy. Let girls order whatever they want.

  • Uh

    These guys are gross.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I get what they’re doing and even if they don’t mean it, it’s a good message. My problem is that (as said before) I don’t think they mean it. They’re singing about girls being themselves but wouldn’t look twice at a girl on the heavier side.

  • Kurdt Kobain


    • yung illuminati

      It’s been hours since I watched this and it’s still playing on my mind that it **could*** be a parody bcus it’s so cringey help????

      • Kurdt Kobain

        when i clicked play, i somehow thought of friday by rebecca black

  • anony

    they constantly try to convince people that theyre not a fucking boyband yet here they are

  • Emma Stone

    I just don’t understand them. I always hear them complaining about being called a boyband and saying they aren’t one when here they are in a music video being a boyband?? I’m just not getting what their goal is here.

  • laura

    I thought they just made prank videos on youtube? since when did those guys become a band?

  • carmen

    luke is just everything. first I liked Jai but I’m starting to notice that he’s changed because of ariana and just being famous. In this video I see a little bit of the old Jai back, when he dances so fucking awkward , but Luke stayed the same. I love Luke for that. don’t ever change Luke <3

  • BangBang

    That was just ridiculous. I hope they’re joking because I don’t get how anyone would be able to take this seriously.