Miley ‘I’m Gonna Sit On A Big Giant Dick’

Miley Cyrus G-A-Y rant about Liam Hemsworth: ‘and every time you get in your car, you’re going to hear my f***ing song on the f***ing radio, you piece of s**t. That’s right. And then I’m gonna take all my clothes off, I’m gonna sit on a big, giant dick, sometimes two, I’m gonna swing around, and then I’m gonna hold the record for the most-watched music video on Vevo.

So then, you know, you can tell a lot about a person, I think you can tell how big their d*** is by how much confidence they have usually, and if I was a dude I’d probably have a really big d***, ‘cause I feel really good about myself now.

So I’m gonna tell those motherf***ers that broke my heart, particularly one, to suck my fat d*** and to enjoy hearing this song for the rest of your life. This song is called Wrecking Ball.

UPDATE: Miley refuses to perform on The Voice because she hates Christina Aguilera. Voice producers have made several offers for Miley to perform on the show, but she always says no. ‘Miley is no friend or supporter of Christina, despite the fact they have a lot in common, including long associations with Disney and using some of same people through the years on their respective business teams,’ a source told Radar.

The rift between the two divas was apparently ignited by a Tweet. Miley wore a pair of chaps while performing onstage in February. Christina Aguilera made headlines back in 2002 when she wore chaps in the ‘Dirrty’ music video and continued to wear them in live performances of the song.

‘Cheers from one dirrty girl to the next @MileyCyrus.. wear em’ loud & proud, girl-yes!’ Christina wrote. Most likely meant as a compliment, Miley didn’t want it. ‘Miley couldn’t believe Xtina would Tweet about her wearing chaps on stage, reminding everyone that she did it first. It was such a fake compliment and undermined Miley in the process. The Voice is still Christina’s show and Miley doesn’t want to lift a finger to help that woman.’


  • T

    “I’m gonna sit on a big giant ball”

    It’s ball. You guys got it wrong


    Miley has serious mental issues she needs to get fixed. No wonder Liam dumped her, the b*tch is crazy.


      and this is coming from someone who was able to look past & not really care about her other crazy antics like acting “ratchet” twerking her non-existent ass everywhere or her exposing herself, swinging naked from a wrecking ball but this is just too much. This is going past “Oh look at me I’m naked and raunchy” too “Im a crazy ass b- with some mental health issues”

  • anon

    She’s so fucking immature and disgusting. Can she please grow up? She’s a fucking 21-year-old (supposed to be) woman. Don’t fucking act like a little child when a boy doesn’t treat you right. Gosh.

  • Anon

    She is pathetic…the worst part about this speech was her claiming to have written the song.

    • anon

      i dont think she did?

  • thecat61

    See, I told ya she ripped him a new asshole.

    • truth

      Your just as pathetic as Miley. The only bad part about you though, is that your not a pathetic millionaire. You really think Liam really cares about Miley’s psychotic rants about him? HAHA NO. He’s probably laughing his ass off at her and thanking god he dogged that bullet. I mean…that thing was going to be his wife.

      • thecat61

        Do you think I really care what Liam thinks? You pathetic piece of shit.

      • lol

        He fucking CHEATED on her and you’re defending him? You are so so sexist, if it was the other way round I bet 1000 dollars you’d be trash talking her too. I guess it’s best to be a bit crazy but inside be a good person than being a pathetic motherfucker who cheats and lies.

    • likewhoa.

      Sweetie, you can stop kissing Miley’s ass already. It’s fairly annoying and honestly, she’s ain’t the hot shit she thinks she is.

      • thecat61

        Awww, poor baby. Gonna continue to do do. Bye!

    • Matt

      I would be shocked if he’s thinking anything but “Thank God I got out of that relationship.” He probably sent the girl he broke up with her for flowers for getting him out. Maybe she thinks if she acts like this he’ll be afraid for her and takes her back. Unfortunately that’s not dating its babysitting so no he shouldn’t be having any regrets.

      • thecat61

        Miley doesn’t want his irrelevant ass back. Obviously there’s a reason why she finally went off on this rant, most likely well deserved. She put up a front trying to keep his ass happy and that’s what she got in return, a cheater.

        Now she’s not tied down anymore and living her own life for herself.

  • Common sense

    I wonder if years from now she’s going to be embarassed about what she’s doing and how she’s acting. Money can’t buy class apparently. She shouldn’t be shading Liam. The whole world doesn’t need to know this. She’s looking really immature rght now.

    • Godney

      she is looking very bitter and desesperate tbh

  • Danthetacoman

    At least she’s not bitter.

    • iWizard

      LOL. You, my friend, are a comedian.

  • johnny

    The fact she didn’t write the song kills her whole rant. The song was originally for Katy Perry. Lol try again.

  • Please take notes from Taylor Swift on how to diss a cheating ex without embarrassing yourself and sounding like one of those people who say ‘I’M FINE’ before breaking down into tears.

    • anon

      Taylor really? you probably weren’t around when Joe and Taylor dated.

      • Uh

        But Taylor was only 18 and Miley is now 21…

      • Maggie

        What that person said (v) also I think what Taylor did (if you’re referring to the Ellen thing) sounded more like a ‘screw you I don’t need your immature cheating ass’ and Miley just sounded crazy, pathetic and desperate.

  • Emmatome

    How classy!

    • ISeeSparksFly

      We’re talking about Miley, remember? She doesn’t have a classy bone in her body. The girl’s pure trash.

  • Ally

    I feel bad for her really. She gave everything for this boy and when were his turn to hold down the fort he peace out

    • Godney

      and you know this how???

  • Alii

    Poor girl. She’s not doing okay.

  • thecat61

    I guess this is what happens when you have a little too much to drink.

    • Godney

      people who were in the club said she was wasted, that she had vodka with her all the show

      • thecat61

        I know. I saw some of the video’s.

  • Blair Waldorf

    Well now we know who’s bitter……….

  • anon

    the whole speech was funny but it would have gone better if she was talking about fu because wrecking ball doesnt seem like much of a diss song?

  • Cj


  • ISeeSparksFly

    I wish SOMEONE would just grab her by the shoulders and violently shake some damn sense into her. Not only is this video demonstrating how trashy she is, but she also comes off as extremely immature. I’m going to laugh when she realizes how tacky she made herself look in the future. As for Liam, pffttt…I honestly think he doesn’t really give a shit anymore. At least he knows how to show some decency and doesn’t talk about their breakup in such a rude, immature manner. He sure as hell dodged a bullet with her.

  • shanghai

    Not surprised Liam dumped her!!! Doubt if she is the same girl she was when they started dating several years ago!! People change and in this case Miley not for the better!!

    • thecat61

      She dumped his ass.

      • Bad

        Then why the hell does she act so freaking bitter?

        • thecat61

          Because he cheated on her.

          • HazzaBazza

            But some news tells a different story that she cheated on him with some girl?

  • Cici

    Well this just proved the theory that she is mentally unstable & messed up because she still can’t cope with the breakup. Sad

  • delle

    I think Miley should have seen this coming when Liam dumped his back-home girlfriend for her. But maybe she thought since she was Miley Cyrus things would be different. Or maybe Liam brainwashed her. Who knows

    The fact remains that she kind of did this 180 degrees when she WAS dating him. Though it was a more ‘tame’ version of this. Right now, she seems lost. This speech to me makes it seem like this is NOT the real her. It makes it seem as if she’s acting out further for Liam’s attention. And the whole cutting her hair, and the initial phases may have had something to do with Liam too. Or hey. Maybe it could all be for publicity. Idk. Her behavior is making me doubt that it is just “who she really is”. Something is off.

    Her mom and dad are milking their daughter instead of helping her take care of herself. I feel that if she did have friends that cared about her (eg. Demi) she tossed them out and kept in people like Cheyne. She is being misguided in my opinion. It doesn’t look too good.

    She may be trying to make Liam jealous, but I think frankly, it honestly comes across to him as having dodged a bullet.

  • Eva

    What a weird rant… Wrecking ball seems like her begging (I just wanted you to let me in) and being sad (I will always want you)… it does not seem like a diss at all, This is why you need to go to school kids, get an education or else you will just be a rich stupid embarrassing bimbo and you won’t even be able to understand the words to ‘your own song’…. Which you wrote… By your self… *heavy sarcasm*

    And those comparing her to Taylor….. at least Taylor actually wrote the songs.

    • Godney

      WB is like “i gave you all and the relationship still didnt work… im sad” not a fuck you song.

  • anony

    so many celebs hate xtina. we can basically conclude that shes a bitch by now

  • yeya

    Why does she always feel like she needs to prove something to people? and be like: “I’m gonna be the most watched on vevo” really?

    • Godney

      like that record means something lol

  • yeya

    she looks drunk lol

    • Godney

      people (who where in the club) said she was very drunk

  • Cici

    Christina is flawless. Smiley can’t touch that.

    • thecat61

      That story is not true.

    • Zaina777

      Christina is indeed flawless.

  • Zaina777

    Miley is a pathetic wannabe whore im glad Liam dodged that bullet. I’m on Team Christina as well.