Ashley Benson ‘I Closed Selena’s Eyes..’

benson-selena-3benson-complexAshley Benson revealed to COMPLEX: ‘On the way home from Spring Breakers filming: ‘I was with Vanessa Hudgens at the airport, on the way back to L.A. from wrapping Spring Breakers. We lost track of time getting dinner ’cause we were so tired, so we missed our flight.

After spending two months in Florida, we just wanted to go home. We cried our eyes out on the floor and then picked ourselves up and had some drinks…We went to the bar, and then we wandered around the airport ’til like 3 in the morning..

I remember looking over to the floor at these two girls rolling around and making out completely naked. At that moment, I literally closed Selena [Gomez]’s eyes. I felt like I had to mother her.’

There was one girl when I was in a Korean spa with my friend. I was taking a shower, and there are no doors in the shower. Normally I’m, like, ‘Whatever, we’re all girls here.’ So I’m completely naked, taking this shower, and my friend’s in the one next to me.

All of sudden someone taps me on the shoulder. It was this girl who was like, ‘Hi, sorry to bother you, are you Ashley Benson?’ And I was like, ‘Are you serious right now? I’m naked.’ She was like, ‘Yeah, can I actually take a photo with you?’ She was trying to have a full conversation with me in the shower.’

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  • hmmm

    Everyone protects Selena. They need stop that. The girl gotta grow up

    • Godney

      * Overprotected by Britney Spears starts to play….

  • uest

    Uh huh. ‘Cause that sounds believable.

  • dlovCyr

    Oh ya she for sure covered the virgins eyes.

  • Kurdt Kobain

    little does she know..

  • honesty

    To that story about wanting to go home, my poor babies. :'(

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I think she looks great.

  • sara

    Yeah, cause Selena is 14 years old.

  • -A

    The comment seems slightly homophobic by benso, though I’m sure that was not the intention.

    • qwerty

      She often doesn’t think before speaking. It’s not the first time she’s said something that could be taken as vaguely homophobic, despite the fact that she has gay and lesbian friends, as well as having her own bisexual rumours.

  • mammmm

    Honey, nobody is buying why will you close selena eyes she probably have seen worse hanging out with justin entourage, and she been in hollywood longer than you. and from selena grouping justin and letting heself get touched everywhere am sure she no angel to sex! why she trying to make selena sound stupid? selena is fucking 21 nobody is buying her fake act anymore. selena famewhore, sleep around to get ahead, uses people and is a alcoholic and use drugs and she has been to so many parties and probably worse than the spring breaker movie since she hangout with justin and he parties with sex, alcohol and drugs, so you must been trying to sound sarcastic right!!

    • chill

      It was early 2012 and Justin was almost a saint then

      • Tash

        He still hung out with the wankster crowd. I’m sure it wasn’t PG. They were also already sleeping together. People were also already making excuses for him from those days. He was bratty & they liked it. He just went overboard. He was never a saint though. Selena sure wasn’t one, so it makes no sense as to why Ashley reacted like Selena is a 7 year old.

  • Emma Stone

    Are those boobs real, fake or photoshopped?

  • asdfgh

    Ashley is constantly full of shit. She can’t even be honest with herself, let alone the public.