Demi Lovato IN CASE Studio Version

  • anonymous

    this is old before she threw away her rep on x-failure

    but it’s funny in this song she says she’s keeping old food in case wilmer comes back?

    • Tash

      Um, X factor actually helped her career in my county. Before that, a lot of the general public & adults didn’t know who she was.

      • Der

        Many people knew her name before X-Factor, for your information. Maybe your small town didn’t, but others obviously did.

        • Tash

          I know that. I’ve been a Demi fan for years. But the people who knew who she was, was mainly the youth. Even a mass of the youth only knew her from Camp Rock. Her 1st song to play on radio here was ‘Skyscraper’. Then X-Factor happened & a lot of people started taking about her. A lot were trying to figure out who she was. But it kept her relevant. She’s released more music after ‘Skyscraper’, but none of it made it to radio. I don’t live in a ‘small town’ by the way. It’s one of the 3 largest & main provinces in South Africa. You have to understand, a lot of people don’t have access to the Disney Channel here. So if you don’t play on radio & you’re not on a common tv show, they don’t know who you are.

      • anonymous

        your country is irrelevant for her income

        • Tash

          Your point being?? I was just stating that I don’t feel X-factor was a bad decision for her & it aided her career. Please take your attitude elsewhere.

        • Koko

          And you are an irrelevant ass! Bloody westerners !-.-

  • Mags