Drunk Miley Wigs Out With Mommy Tish

miley-tish-drunk (12)miley-tish-drunk (6)Miley & Mommy Tish drink and put on wigs and masks.

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  • anon

    Like mother, like daughter! how can she change if her mom is the same way..

    • thecat61

      Change what? Heaven forbid Tish go out and celebrate her birthday with her daughter of 21.

  • A

    Mileys parents are just like Lindsays parents. I wouldn’t be surprised if Miley becomes like Lindsay in a few years.

  • Some Dude

    I’m not trying to defend her but I’m 21 and drink with my parents occasionally. This doesn’t really prove anything.

    • Godney

      i do drink with my parents too, im 21 also… but i dont take pictures with my mom drinking… to me thats weird… like its your mother…. not your friend

  • thecat61

    It’s Tish’s birthday. That’s why they’re out. It looks like they’re drinking a chocolate martini. Never had one but they look good.

  • Anon

    So a 21 year old girl is not allowed to go for a drink with her mum on her birthday? Y’all are f*cked

  • threelittlebirds

    Boy, a 21 year old drinking. I’m shocked.

  • aly

    It’s incredible how Miley always looks good with any wig… She was born to be Hannah forever lol

  • smb

    Having a Drink or drinking in general are not the same as being Drunk. That has to do with amount of alcohol consumed over a period of time in relation to body weight and metabolism. Nothing in the pictures you have show gives any mature reasonable person reason she to believe she is drunk.

    • thecat61

      Consider the source.

  • guest

    According to locals on twitter Miley, Tish and a group of friends did an early celebration of Tish’s birthday at a bar in Manchester. They were in town for a show at the local arena tomorrow. They left at about 5:30 pm according to the twitter messages. They all seemed to enjoy themselves and there were no reports of inappropriate behavior or other problems.

  • BrokenArrow18

    How old is tish? she looks fab and super young

    • thecat61