• damnthesecelebs

    Yeah, sure Miley

  • lol

    Don’t drink and make a speech kids!

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Who is she trying to convince? ;)

  • Alii

    That’s so embarrassing. She literally said his name after the speech in her song. She should just apologize instead of lying. Own up to it.

    • Godney

      or just shut up and pretend it never happend? but dont say it didnt happend when people got it on tape

    • aly

      You know something, I agree that her speech was pathetic and she was bitter, but I still can’t believe there are people defending Liam and saying “he probably deserves someone better”. Like WTF, did you all guys forget that HE cheated on her? Yes her attitude wasn’t right in that concert but his attitude was even worse. I think it’s best to be a bit crazy and impulsive but being good and truthful inside than being a motherfucking dick and cheating and lying to the person you’re ENGAGED with. Nothing that she says will make me think that she’s worse than Liam. I think people are not putting themselves into Miley’s place since you’re all defending him like if he was the most decent person, the poor victim in this story. It’s crazy how men are always less judged than woman, isn’t it? No matter how many times what they did was worse.

  • anon

    I get Liam is hot BUT there’s so many guys out there who are. I don’t get why she’s still hung up on him. Or maybe I just get over people quickly? Literally tho there’s so many men out there I’m interested in I wouldn’t have time to waste my best years on just one

    • guest

      bitch they were in love. they were ENGAGED.

  • ShadesAwn

    What a moron. Miley WHO ELSE did you think everyone would think it was about???

  • delle

    I highly doubt it was just to ‘rile up the boys’. That was a pretty personal, ‘poured-my-heart-out’ speech.

  • Maggie


  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    Miley everyone one knows it’s about Liam I doubt it was about that justin guy or nick Jonas lol

  • Jared


    So, either it is about Liam and everyone has made it known to her how tacky she was/is…. or at the same time she was still with Liam, she was involved with someone, who made her feel that passionately to exploit that song in every possible way, that wasn’t her fiancé. Right. I’m pretty sure someone doesn’t think of that detailed of a lie in the “heat of the moment.” And if she was drunk, don’t drunk words speak sober thoughts? And most importantly, wasn’t this the same girl who wanted to stop being fake with her fans? Wouldn’t telling that story to “rile up the crowd” be exactly what she set against? So, yeah. I believe you, Miley. Sure. You’re so credible. So honest. Much truth. Yes. Wow.



  • Tash

    You know how people have nip slips, I wonder howcome Miley never has a vag slip. That’s a very narrow strip of material & she’s spreads her legs a lot. They must spray it like how they do it for gymnasts. Otherwise I’d be freaked to wear that.

    • Alii

      She’s had lip slips. You can actually see her pubic hair in this one. One of these days, I feel like she’s going to actually expose herself on stage. That’s my prediction.

      • Tash

        You think she’d do it purposely or by mistake? I’m not sure. She goes pretty hard & totally loses herself in the performance. It’s awesome but nerve wrecking. So I think an accident is bound to happen.

      • tom

        she wears knee high that why yoou dont see anything look at the wholes on the side from the ssock. that why you will never see anything.

        • Alii

          I noticed that, but I’m pretty sure they’re totally transparent. If you can see her pubic hair through them, you can probably see other things.

    • aly

      I don’t know how come she’s managed to have lip slips while walking or performing with shorts, which has happened a few times I believe. But never with the colant from bangerz lol

  • Hollyhysteria


  • Cali

    I didn’t really think it was She’s kept pretty quiet about it till now

  • Jess

    Hey Miley! Has anyone ever said you’re nothing but trash?! Just curious.

  • thecat61

    “Just tryin to rile up the boys” and you did a great job at that. Lol

  • Jess

    Liam ran when he knew he should and good for him! I wish him nothing but the best in life. He’s the epitome of class.

  • cam

    Miley has slipped so far down in the trash dumpster, I don’t think she can climb her way out. What is wrong with parents letting their young impressionable minds to her concerts? She hasn’t been Hannah Montana for many years. Parents pay attention. I hope I’m wrong but I think the next step for Miley will be to have sex on stage with the blow up dummie. Hope she doesn’t sink that low.

    • risa

      Well said!

  • cam

    Oh, I just thought of something else. She wrote a song about Nick Jonas of the 7 things she hates about him, now she bad mouthing Liam. She just doesn’t have any class. She can’t get out of the dumpster. You do not hear them saying nor singing bad about her. You have to just PITY her.

  • laura

    Ugh who the fuck cares?! That little speech was amazing.

  • Cici


  • anon

    Suuuure, it’s not. Miley. ;)

  • Godney

    You said his name tho!!!!

  • Eva

    I am glad Liam is moving on quietly and ignoring the attention seeking behaviour… he deserves a gorgeous woman inside and out.

  • sara

    except it was?

  • Duckyhoward15

    hmmm it was a stupid thing to say miles

  • BrokenArrow18

    I guess she felt bad for all the shit that Liam was getting

  • Clauber