Selena Gomez Clutches Paintings In LAX + Justin Bieber Leaves Hotel With His Fling Chantel Jeffries

Selena Gomez has her hands full with some large rolled items as she arrives at LAX in Los Angelesfug-bieby (1)Selena Gomez looked beautiful now that she is spending less time with douchey Bieby. Selena was holdings painting purchased on her recent holiday. Pix of Goddess shopping in Madison Avenue New York City HERE + a fan pic! NOTE: Bieber was spotted at his hotel his side piece of ass Chantel Jeffries.



    hookers like chantel jeffries and stiviano are disgusting, almost worse than bieber and sterling. selena cheapens her image relating herself to him

  • damn

    But what about Yovanna? I liked her more

  • anon
    • Tash

      Looks odd though. It’s too dressed up for her to not do her make up. She should have dressed down if she wasn’t gonna paint the face too.

      • anon

        Idk, she was shopping
        But maybe she just sucks in doing her own makeup. She always has someone of the Nine Zero One Salon with her everywhere, but yesterday she had to find someone different for that event(who incidentally did one of the best hair and makeup she ever had)

    • kdash

      Loooove that outfit..I would buy it if it weren’t $700 lmao

  • threelittlebirds

    I thought it said, Selena Gomez clutches panties at first

  • Tash

    Selena was never happy with gentlemen. Sadly, she likes the immature ‘bad boy’ type. She’ll always be surrounded by drama & unhappiness if she doesn’t change that. Unless she can handle a roller coaster life. Which it doesn’t seem the case. She’s too fragile for the decisions she’s been making. Sometimes a life of peace is much better than an excitable one, because although the peaks of the roller coaster can be amazing, you have to remember that you have to go down before you can experience the peak once more. You just have to decide whether it’s worth it or not. Some people purposely gravitate towards rocky relationships. Because getting back up after you’ve been right down is such a surge.

  • Tash

    Justin really goes all out with the outfits hey. To match it a certain way etc. He succeeds in doing that. It works out how it’s supposed. Too bad it’s all really ugly. It’s kinda like with GaGa, it works in achieving it’s objective but it’s still rubbish.

    • anna

      i normally like his kind of weird/different outfits. like i liked what he wore at the floyd mayweather fight because it was goofy and fit his personality well and i don’t think he looked bad. but, i cannot stand his outfits that are 100x too big for him and when his pants are falling down. like this picture.

      • Tash

        He does have times when he dresses decently. Then he goes & does something like this.

  • BangBang

    “… with his side piece of ass Chantel Jeffries.” Come on now OU, was that really necessary?

    • Tash

      Apparently …. :D It’s OU, they always keep it classy. Just how they roll. Always keeping it ‘real’.

      • BangBang

        I know, me and my high expectations haha! Sometimes I forget how ridiculous OU is :p

        • Ayylove

          Yeah, and i feel like they are just getting worst….i feel like OU is run by a teenage girl or whatever sometimes….

  • javi g

    stay classy san….i mean ou. i have to say justin has become a manwhore. and isn’t chantel the one who got justin in trouble in miami? why he’s back with her? what happened to the cute girl he was with. that one looked more decent.

    • Ayylove

      hes not with Chantel…idk what OU is saying…. they cut ties and then Chantel went on a tv show and talked about Justin..

      • breakingnews

        Fans saw Chantel at his hotel yesterday
        It was a trending topic on twitter

        • javi g

          i smell future problems. he should have stayed with that cute chick at least she looked nice. he needs some real growing up to do. and aaperntly now he got in trouble again. with a person trying to take his picture. tmz reported it.

          • Tash

            Bieber needs to just get himself a hot chick who is a somewhat decent girl & take her everywhere & bang her how much he wants. Problem solved. The kid is like a dog on heat. But all this swapping chicks & denying crap is creating a bad rep, not to mention, it’s unsafe. These girls follow him like puppies anyway. It’s not hard to stay faithful if she’s there 24/7. If he gets bored, then get a new girlfriend every 6 months or whatever. All this prostitute, stripper, changing girls from night to night or a few days apart is bullshit & he’s gonna fuck his life over, make babies he won’t know about & get a fucking std. Protection isn’t a guarantee. At least if he had a steady girl, he could better ensure she & he is safe. He doesn’t have to be a saint, just stop being such an idiot. He’s too rich & entitled to waste it away & be a simple minded fool.

  • BrokenArrow18

    eww her hair

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