Demi Lovato Really Don’t Care Lyric Video


    hope demi called selena after she lost the baby :

  • BangBang

    This is just another one of “those” songs…

  • laura

    I mean, it’s a fun song for spring and summer but it’s nothing special either. It would’ve been smarter if she decided to have one of her ballads as her new single. I seriously wish she’d go back to her pop/rock days because at least that is something ‘special’. Seriously how many female artists are still out there that make pop/rock music? Not so many. But how many make these stupid pop songs? Way too many.

    • Some Dude

      Here We Go Again 2.0 plz

      • laura

        I want the same quality lyrics from Here We Go Again and the same rock sound from Don’t Forget. That album would sell so well jfc

        • Some Dude

          She needs to join Paramore or something. She’s a rocker.

      • anon

        yaaaaas. Here We Go Again was her best album. Her voice soars with pop rock and blends in with the crowd in pure pop. I hope her next album goes back to HWGA, her last two albums have never been able to hold me like HWGA used to.

        • laura

          Maybe we should all start a petition or something?
          She is way too talented for what she is doing now.

        • Some Dude

          Totally agree. HWGA was nice because it balanced out that rock sound with soulful ballads. Omg it was so gooood. And the critic reviews were so positive too.

    • aly

      I actually believe her fan base has grown a lot since the release of DEMI. At least in South America, the shows were sold out and she had to do extra shows and no one ever thought it’d go to that extent. Idk, I really like this album, but yes Really Don’t Care it’s too mainstream.

      • laura

        Oh wow, good for her :)
        I really liked the ballads on her album, they literally gave me chills but with the other songs, I feel like she is wasting her talent. They’re just mediocre, summery pop songs.

  • FuckHarry

    Their reactions when they see her are so cute, I like this song it’s so catchy but a ballad would have been a better single since this is similar to neon lights and heart attack.

  • Maggie

    The video is adorable. The beginning of the song is basically every summer song since 2012. That.. noise thing is so familiar.

  • anon

    shoutout to big rob at the end

  • Tash

    Demi’s little sister looks like America Fererra.

  • threelittlebirds

    Nightingale should’ve been a single

    • anon

      probably my favorite song on DEMI

      • threelittlebirds

        Mine too.

  • a

    She needs to get a better song writer. If she keeps putting out songs like this, then her career is dunzo.

  • Troll

    I’m so happy! This is my favourite song from the album! Totally going to be a hit and will definitely be on the radio constantly! This song has sass all over it! #sassinessoverload

  • Ughh she’s too talented

    Omg honestly the song isn’t that bad yeah it’s catchy and it will prob sell well I mean it’s kinda a song like call me maybe not the best lyrics but catchy but Demi you are so much better then songs like this like I feel like she’s too talented to be singing teeny pop songs like this….she’s like 20 now right? She should sing more mature songs like miley does && I don’t even think she likes this type of music I think it’s her record label she needs to leave if not shes never Gonna be taken serious..if selena can get another deal with her singing ability I know for sure Demi can.people always saying she’s underrated but with songs like this is why…but her talent is underrated she should show off her voice more

  • Jennylover

    LOVE iT , lol to the guy who say Demi he couldn’t keep singing.

  • HolyGround

    I like it, its just a fun song I would play in my car though