Drake Bell Smoking Hot ANNEX Cover

drake bell annex cover
Drake Bell, the Nickelodeon veteran, on the cover of Annex Magazine’s summer ‘Wanderlust’ the May/June issue. Also in the issue , Gregg Sulkin, the star of MTV’s latest hit show, Faking It, and previous Disney Star. Do YOU like Drake’s new edgy style? I wonder if Amanda Bynes and Drake Bell are still in touch…

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  • Cici


  • laura

    wow he is looking great :o damn!

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    Hot. Dammmmmmmmm.He was always attractive but he just stepped it up a notch…Wonder if he’s still dating that Miss Teen USA chick?

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Nice, looking good.

  • uest

    Daaaaang, he’s fine!

  • threelittlebirds

    I always though he was cute, but now hot damn. ( minus the cig)

  • Anna

    I feel like he got ugly (he really reminds me of this cartoon character that I can’t think of the name right now) and josh got hot. But it used to be the other way around.