Justin Bieber ‘Your Son Is Ugly!’

justin-bieber-dating (1)Justin Bieber called a 7 year old ‘ugly’ at the Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles. The boys father revealed to Star that they were trying to walk through the gym to get to the pool:

‘As I was walking through the gym, Justin’s bodyguard steps in front of me and says, ‘You can’t come through here,’ and tries to block me and I saw Justin behind him doing push-ups. But I told him he’s not going to tell me where I can and cannot go.

My son was frightened by the bodyguard and I was trying to calm him down but Justin stands up and says, ‘Your son is ugly!’ Then one of his friends Lil Za starts yelling, ‘What n****r what! That’s right! Come one! and starts pounding his chest. My son was terrified so we just left.’

  • ed

    if this is true, it’s fucked up and somebody should punch him in the face like really hard like super hard…..hate this dude

    • Grow up people

      I never understood how can you hate someone who didn’t do anything to you or others you’ve never met then and you know actually nothing about them. I don’t care about his mistakes. They’re HIS mistakes and he will deal with them for the rest of his life. But I don’t hate him for them specially not believe shit like this.

      • Godney

        i think you should pick your words… cus by this…

        ” I never understood how can you hate someone who didn’t do anything to you or others you’ve never met then and you know actually nothing about them ”
        i could say i never met hitler, i don’t know about his personal life, he didn’tdo anything to me or the people i know yet i still hate him…

        I still get that you are trying to say “hate” is a strong word…. and its true.
        Maybe that person could say “i dislike him very very much”

        • Grow up people

          Lol. Using Hitler as an example is dumb. Hate is too strong for some pop star who’s sooner or later gonna grow up. That’s it..

          • Godney

            i was coming for a strong example for showing the message, and i did say “hate” was a strong word.

        • .

          Justin didn’t kill millions of people tho.

          • Godney

            neither did hitler tho… he never killed anyone himself.

  • X

    Some people should’ve been swallowed.

    • Anna

      Just because the little boy was ugly doesn’t mean he should have been swallowed. He may grow up and look good. Haven’t you ever read the ugly duckling?

      • Anon

        that person was talking about bieber

  • JUG

    I’m beginning to think that Justin may not be as good a person as Scooter, Usher, his mom and his label say he is.

    • Zx

      Keep being brainwashed by the media then. No one knows him and what he’s actually like. Anyone sane would use common sense and not jump on bullshit rumors and judge someone by them. He’s always the nicest to kids. Literally always. And that’s not a rumor its on video and pictures. But whatever. His haters will believe anything. They must have been bored these 3 months cause he was so low key they can’t wait for these lies to talk shit about himm

      • “No one knows him” but yet you’re defending him… No sense.

        • Guest

          Yet everyone’s hating him and that’s fine ? How so ? I’m not even fully defending him. Find a better excuse.

  • JoeJonasTroops

    Maybe this isn’t true

    • Godney

      i think its not true either… but the kids has done “fucked up” things so at this point people will buy stories like this

      • Ayylove

        Yeah but Justin may be Stupid, but he is not a mean person. Especially not to a 7 year old, he loves kids.

        • Godney

          i dont know… i dont know him

  • Emma Stone

    To this day, I still can’t get over the name “Lil Za”

  • Tash

    This is definitely one of the weirdest rumors I’ve heard. Very skeptical. But weirder things have happened. These celebs do & say some bizarre shit. Let’s be real, they say what were all thinking, haha. Were all just too shit scared & dependent on others to open or mouths & talk shit. With them, no matter what, they’ll still be talented, rich & excused. So they can do whatever the fuck they want. So it’s plausible.

  • Xyz

    And here it goes again. Star magazine and new rumors and lies. They won’t leave him alone. The idiots on this site will believe anything negative on him. So funny how it was all quiet and great and he seemed so happy now all of sudden two bullshit stories are out. Also to repeat this is from star magazine. Keep being brainwashed by the media Bieber hate wagon.

  • Eva

    People on this site use the word ‘brainwashed’ too much and often out of context…. sigh. Education people… Education….

    • Guest

      Actually you’re a great example of a brainwashed person.

      • Some Dude

        They’re right, though. Just because some people fell for this story (it’s actually believable) doesn’t mean they’re brainwashed. Brainwashed would mean to be close-minded about him and believe every negative thing about him and perpetuate only those rumors.

        • Guest

          That’s exactly the case of 90% users here. They do believe every negative thing about him and perpetuate only those. They say it’s crazy and wrong to defend him yet it’s perfectly fine to hate on him, this is no way believable story. Maybe for someone who simply dislikes him. But for a sane person not. People ARE close minded about him, that’s a fact and the more I see their comments my point is valid. Just wait and see.

  • anon

    …and here i was saying he was finally starting to look like a man. Now he’s once again turned into a child in my eyes.

    • Barbz21

      So you’re so naive and will believe shit like this so fast lol ? Whatever man. Why the fuck would he just say to a kid he’s ugly yet he’s always playing with kids and is nice around them and his father just ran to Star ( very known for bs ) to sell his story ? Lool fine.

      • Eva

        I am pretty sure Anon meant his facial features, like the one in the post above compared to the Basketball game photos…

  • anon


  • Mariah

    Three months they gave him a rest. I guess he can’t get more. I hope he’ll keep up his low key ways and just ignore negativity, let them make up rumors and spread lies. I really hope he keeps his good behavior like now , thirsty media will give up one day. Or won’t, we shall see.

  • Alii

    You know, when you put the asshole things he’s done that have been caught on tape into consideration, it makes you wonder how many asshole things he does off camera. This has a greater chance of being true than false. I have no reason not to believe it.

    • Guest

      You know, just because he did bad things before doesn’t mean everything from now on is true. Many reports from untrustworthy tabloids and websites like Star have posted nothing but lies about him. Bieber always loved kids and that’s a fact, he has his own little brother and sister. You’re one of those who think judging by his past he would do anything now. That’s just wrong and ignorant.

      • Alii

        You say “his past” like it was a really long time ago, it really wasn’t THAT long ago. people don’t change over night.

        • Guest

          Past is past, it happened. It isn’t present. He’s been very low key for months now and I am noticing he’s looking more happy. With a strong mind and decision people can change very fast. Everyone hasbad times, nobody knows what caused his, but it affected him obviously. If he keeps up like this I am glad he’s getting it together, rumors will still come out, he’s a target now and people will believe anything. His name sells negativity more then positivity. It’s the sad truth. I believe there’s good in all people and we can all become better after learning from our mistakes. I won’t treat him like a devil because of his mess ups, I will judge him by how he rises after falling. He is a religious person and has a good pastor, finding your fait again can help too. I believe in him and everyone who’s trying to work things out. I won’t jump on assumptios like this. He was a good kid before, he can go back at it like everyone can. It will be harder because no one is showing him any kind of sympathy or is rooting for him they’re more rooting for his overdose and downfall. I am sure it is upsetting to deal with getting booed for simply taking your mother on mothers day and watching the game. He’s not innocent but he’s neither the worst. He can change and could change already, but it will take years for people to notice.

    • Some Dude

      I wanna know why a father with a young son would get in touch w/ Star just to make up an elaborate lie about a pop star he probably never cared about? I think I’m more inclined to believe this story than blow it off b/c it’s Star.

      • Guest

        That’s a dumb logic and reason to believe in this bullshit.

        • Some Dude

          I don’t believe it yet. But it fits his public persona pretty damn well.

      • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.


    • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.


  • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.

    Can Boober just disappear already please

    • Anon

      Stop reading about him and ignore him if he bothers you so much then. Easy and simple. And I’m sure it’s Bieber*. ;)

      • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.

        I call him Boober. because he’s a boob.

      • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.

        and I’m sure I’m allowed to comment what I want just like you. Not everyone likes him. So deal with it. :)

        • Angie.

          He’s not going to disappear either home girl just because you dislike him. Just ignore him you’ll be fine.

          • http://www.twitter.com/ hudgens.

            It’s my opinion. Deal with it, HOMEGIRL.

  • Matt

    Am I gonna have to look at that 15 year old girls boob for every Bieber story?

  • BangBang


  • Marina And My Diamonds


  • Truth always comes out
  • Truth always comes out

    Fools on here will believe anything negative on this guy and call everyone crazy who defends him against bullshit but agree with whoever is hating him.

  • Kurdt Kobain

    …wtf bieber

  • Duckyhoward15

    its always him in a hotel then the hotel denies it LOL

  • Ayylove

    Justin and lil Za aren’t even friends anymore…..

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      What happened? I know he ditched lil twist but Za was still close to him last I saw.

  • Ashley

    Wow that is messed up I swear! I would be pissed if that was me I don’t care if they are famous he doesn’t have to be such a brat to little kids! Look can you please retire already because no one likes you anymore we like the.. Wait we love the little justin what happened to him? But you try to be cool but it’s not working ! Everyone hates you justin ! And go back to Canada that’s were you belong !and tell your other homies to!

    • Sarah

      Omg right he doesn’t have to such a jerk to little kids and calling them ugly he’s ugly!