Selena Gomez Miscarriage Bieber Baby

Selena Gomez Shows Off Her Bikini Body In MiamiJustin Bieber had sex with Selena Gomez and impregnated her in 2012, reports In Touch Weekly. When Selena found out she was pregnant, Justin’s reaction ‘crushed’ her and she went in to a ‘downward spiral’ soon after that led to rehab: ‘In 2012, she got pregnant and miscarried Justin’s baby. Nothing in her life has been the same since.’

She wanted that baby. She was convinced it was meant to be and that it was a sign that she and Justin should be together forever. His team felt it would ruin his career because at the time he had a clean image.’ Later, she miscarried the baby.

Us Weekly was told by her rep that the story is ‘fictional‘. Do YOU believe Selena’s rep? It would make sense that Selena had a miscarriage that led to her drinking and drug abuse. She also must have a deep connection with Bieber because he was her first alleged pregnancy.

UPDATED with new photos from Selena Dream Out Loud shoot!

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  • hudgens.

    I’m calling this BS.

    • Dina

      I agree it is and all lies!

  • mineset

    probably the reason she went to rehab for emotional problems and the reason she turned into an alcoholic and into the drugs, miscarriaging a baby its really emotional for anyone, and her mother also has that problem of miscarriaging, and it seems it runs in selena family. she did look like she had a belly and all of sudden it kind of dissapear but her stomach stay fluffly from it, not tone.

    • Dina

      stop believing everything he internet tells you, oceanup makes up lies , it is jus t a rumor , not true at all!

      • Dina


    • hudgens.

      People make up stories to make celebrities look bad. Even if she had a miscarriage, she should’ve gained weight and never really did.

      • JC

        she gained weight… i’m not saying i actually buy this story, but that’s a fact she had a tummy and bigger boobs and all of that stuff… and pfff they dissapear

        • hudgens.

          She gained weight for a role she had to do, I heard.

          • JC

            what role? i don’t remember :

          • hudgens.

            No idea. I go by what Selenators say lol but exposingsmg says otherwise, so idk for sure.

  • ety


  • Dina

    this all lies, such BS you media think you know her like that when you guys do not know her, stop making up lies like she was pregent and l it and making fans believe your lies, first off selena is not enough to have sex or get pregrent by her ex Justin, she did not have any sex with him at all, she is not stupid at all!

    • Dina

      selena is not dumb enough

    • JC

      LOL you really think that she and justin didn’t had sex? ahaha

      • hudgens.

        She means Selena is not dumb enough to get pregnant. Read her statement correctly.

        • HotCheeto

          “she did not have any sex with him at all.”

          • hudgens.

            Oh woops. I missed that part.

          • Dina

            that is what I been saying, and celebs did not tell the dumb media about their sex life, they are too stupid , did they see selena and Justin , no not at all, they are making fans believe all their BS and crap!

        • Dina

          sorry but this is the way I type

          • hudgens.

            I didn’t say there was anything wrong with what you said. It’s your opinion and I respect it.

    • mind

      you really think selena stay in hotels with bieber and all they did is play with doll and toys? how old are you 10? please she probably sleep with nick jonas, david henry, taylor s and taylor l, charity, bieber she goes both ways and god knows who else to get ahead

      • Dina

        of course not but she is not t stupid, she is not making the same mistakes her mom and real dad did even though they were teens, she is really a great role model , just that Bieber jerk messed her up, when they were together!

      • JC

        Demi probably, i really can picture them making out! But taylor s, don’t think so!

  • BangBang


  • laura

    Oh wow they’ve really outdone themselves with this one.

  • Hollyhysteria

    This is BS, quit stirring up publicity..

  • FuckHarry

    Omfg do people actually believe these jfc

  • Mariah

    Lmao…these tabloids. How can anyone
    take them seriously? But I bet if this was somsomething negative only about Bieber himself people would buy it lol. Anyways BS. It’s not even funny just sad people have time for this.

  • Duckyhoward15


  • Matt

    Why is it when one negative Bieber story comes out at least 2 more and a “Selena the victim” story comes out at the same time? It would all be more believable if they spread the stories out better and not release them all at once. I’m not denying he’s most likely a jerk and probably has the IQ of a bread tie but theres no way he can have a miscarage, call a kid ugly, and assault a women in the same day. I mean maybe but doubtful.

  • threelittlebirds

    If this is even true She must have miscarried early, cause i don’t remember her ever looking pregnant

  • thecat61

    Seriously LMAO! What a bunch of bullshit! These people who write this shit are fucking cowards.

  • Anon

    Not saying the story is true, but it’s not impossible. So many people from 16-early twenties expierence some sort of pregnancy scare, pregnancy itself, or miscarriages. Especially being in a long term relationship like they were. Either way, people should really stop judging and taking someone else’s life so seriously.

    • noriwest

      16 wtf no ones having sex at that age

      • hudgens.

        I know a 17 year old that is pregnant.

      • thesestrangelittlethings

        You’re kidding, right? Have you been to any high school in America?

  • HotCheeto

    The only thing that seems fictional about this is the fact that SELENA miscarried its obvious who the real girl is in this relationship

  • BrewBrew

    How can someone make up things like this? It’s disgraceful

  • uest

    Oh, darn. If it was a year earlier, it could’ve been this! /sarcasm

  • noriwest

    i remember someone saying they saw selena at an abortion clinic in the valley

  • Tash

    Hectic though, when it’s the main story on the front cover of magazines! I just don’t get why she hasn’t addressed it. I guess with some celebs, all press is good press. It keeps you relevant.