Spencer Boldman Selena Gomez Crush

spencer-boldman-shirtless-pic‘Most Beautiful Woman In The World Selena Gomez’ has ANOTHER crush! When Disney Channel star Spencer Boldman was asked who his crush was he said: ‘Selena Gomez. She’s a sweetheart, I met her a couple of times.’

UPDATED with beautiful Interview magazine outtakes!


  • anon

    Damn she’s got game.

  • k
    • ya its me

      she looks so good damn

  • Eva

    Ok what is going on here? I am pretty sure this is like the 15th boy to have a crush on her! Like entire boy bands and random kids I don’t even know love her. She is gorgeous though, I have always loved her features…

    • minding

      she has a reputation for putting out? she gets around?

      • no

        No, she doesn’t. General public thinks Bieber was her only man. And all of the boys that likes her justify it like she being a “sweetheart”. What they don’t know is she can be a “pain in the ass” when things don’t go on her way

        • maty

          NO, everyone knows she dated nick jonas and she came out of his bus with her cloths mess up and her hair mess up, they had a quickie sex, they definately did it, she travel with nick, and when she was in puerto rico they say she was with david henry and they dated, and taylor leuter she was on his bed and he said he liked theway his pillow smell of her, sex! and well taylor s i think they got a lesbian relationship that why she dont like bieber, and well we all knows she done it all with bieber he made sure everyone knew he has touched her everywhere, classy ladies keep their boyfriend hand in their place, which she obviosly isnt, miley had liam and you never saw her put out like that with her boyfriend.

    • anon

      I think it is because she is the more girly girl of the young stars. Demi and Miley are more tomboyish and Ariana is too childish

      • Aww cute

        I agree but the guys who usually like her is your typically preppy boy and their usually young. Same with ariana. But with miley and Demi it’s more of black guys && grown men attracted to them lol too me ariana and selena are gorgeous but miley and Demi are sexy…..I see ariana and selena as teenagers miley and Demi as women I couldn’t really see Demi or miley with a guy like Austin Mahone or Cody Simpson but selena and ariana I can. But selena should give him a chance he looks cute in that pic Idk who he is tho.

        • johnny

          I’ve never heard a male celeb say they thought Miley was cute or sexy……… Honestly Selena and Ariana facial features are classic Hollywood. Demi kinda has lost that look and looks edgy. Miley IMHO never had that look.

  • Clauber

    Damn Selena :D

  • Jennylover

    After bieber every 1 wants Selena, can’t blame them she’s beautiful . I would go for Demi she’s the prettiest to me but , to take home to meet mom every1 wants Selena or Ariana .

    • Demi >>

      Too me selena and ariana have a gorgeous face but if we gone go by overall Id say Demi because she has a gorgeous face and the hottest body too me.shes the whole package.lol but that’s just my type I like curvy girls

    • anon

      I thought Demi was the prettiest back in the Disney days. But Wilmer kinda sucked the beauty out of her. :/

      • anon

        She’s still the prettiest to me tho, but Wilmer still sucked a lot of her beauty out of her.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Everytime someone says she’s there celebrity crush I question their sexuality. Selena is the safe choice.

    I honest thought (still think) he’s gay , not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • johnny

      Out of her demographic/age group she and Ariana are truly the only consistently good looking girls in the group. Selena attempts to sexy her image up time to time and doesn’t always succeed but she’s still consistently gorgeous. Ariana is ALWAYS on point. Demi doesn’t really try to be sexy and this hair phase she’s going through isn’t helping. Miley looks like a gay dude now and her body aint shit without photo shop,but she still is somewhat cute. Selena actually is the safe choice but also very understandable.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    More gays using poor Selena for attention!

    Sorry, Spencer, that Taylor couldn’t beard for you!

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Lmfao , I agree! <3