Bieber Calls Woman A ‘Bitch’ Watch Now!

Justin Bieber, who recently called a little boy ugly, was VIDEOTAPED (For proof for Beliebers) calling a woman a bitch! He called her a ‘bitch’ for trying to take his picture Monday at a horse riding stable, just hours before his alleged confrontation with a mom at a mini-golf course.

Melinda Giel-Murray told TMZ, she and her horse were at the Circle K Stables in Burbank, CA when Bieber pulled up to go horseback riding. Giel-Murray said she whipped out her camera, but Bieber immediately freaked and in the video you hear him say, ‘that bitch over there’ as he points out Melinda to his posse.

Giel-Murray claims 4 security goons surrounded her and tried to intimidate her, but she stood her ground telling them there’s no law against taking pictures. She feels Bieber was acting ‘very strange and nervous.’ His crew eventually drove to a different part of the stable to mount up shirtless.


    selena probably never told him about that baby :

    • Guest1

      She’s not pregnant, Oceanup. -.-

      • Rfhb

        Well she was but she had to abortion

      • Err

        Well She was pregnant but Justin bieber tell her to get abortion

        • threelittlebirds

          I think it’s wrong for someone else to tell a woman she needs to get an abortion. An abortion should be the woman’s choice, not her mother, sister, brother, friend, cousin or boyfriend.

  • Alii

    He probably wanted all his strong men to illegally confiscate her cellphone so he didn’t have to again.

    I feel bad for Beliebers.

  • 454

    wowjustin bieber is always mean to everyone

  • @#@!#

    sooner or later he will be a criminal

  • laura

    he didn’t need to call her a bitch, politely going over and saying “please don’t take a photo of me” would of done nicely, stop trying to act like a tough guy or getting your bodyguards to do it.. being nice doesn’t cost anything.

    • Guest

      So he slips now but what about all the other times he is nice to his fans? We will ignore all of that and focus this one time he slipped ? That’s what I keep talking about and I’m not even defending him here, it’s wrong to call someone a name but we all do i and it’s no crime, she’ll get over it I am sure, he gets called worse everyday. It’s the point of people ignoring everything positive about him but when he slips that’s all they talk about.
      On twitter I daily see beliebers good experiences with him and videos and pictures he fools around with them, nobody ever posted about that or said ” he’s nice to his fans bless him for it” but everyone will jump on this and act like it defines his entire personality. When he is nice and does say simply ” don’t take pictures of me please ” and when he did it many times before nobody payed attention to it.
      That’s my point, and all these shitheads attack me like I’m condoning his actions and saying he’s a saint. NO. He IS wrong and fucks up and hopefully he will stay lowkey for entire year like he did by far, BUT he’s not always wrong. Because of his reputation ANYTHING they write people will believe, it’s never proven did he call that guy’s son ugly but everyone will be 100% sure he did it and call others delusional cause they’re not buying it. At least there’s evidence here :). Names he got called by other celebrities and people in general are way worse, just because they didn’t say it to his face doesn’t mean shit. Still, they said it. I read when he went skate boarding with that latina chick people on beach were yelling at him and were very rude so he left, he deals with shit all the time and nobody cares BUT when he slips like this and looses his temper everyone jumps on the story like fly’s on shit. That’s my point. Now wait for these usual ignorant bastards who compare him to Hitler to call me a belieber in denial :)

  • anon

    Well, beliebers don’t have how deny this one

  • FuckHarry

    I was rooting for this kid but he makes it so fucking hard lmao, he could be such a douche bag I hope he gets a ego check or something.

    • Duckyhoward15


      • Maggie

        Your username is adorable.

        • Duckyhoward15

          Aww thank you so much :D , your icon is so cute :3

    • honesty

      He just needs to get beat up, ya know? Take a stroll in the hood one day and then he’ll stop acting like this. These bodyguards give him too much confidence.

      • Tash

        Well he keeps throwing up hand signs in every pic, like some wankster. Watch, soon he’ll have a gang go fuck him up. They are actual gangsters, they don’t give a fuck who you think you are. All those body guards won’t be able to stop bullets & somebody making this casanova THEIR bitch!

        • honesty


      • FuckHarry

        I know one day he is gonna mess with the wrong person and is gonna get his ass beat and that’s the day he will get off his high horse. Like I thought Canadians were sopposed to be nice.

  • HA

    Justin is the biggest f-ing dick in the world. You can’t be rude to people & expect nothing bad to happen to you. As soon as you got all that money & fame, it can go just as fast. Hopefully reality will bite him in the ass soon.

  • HolyGround

    I’ve tried to like him but its shit like this that makes it impossible.

  • roxanneXD

    he is an ungrateful with the fans

    • Guest

      90% of the time he is beyond nice, just because he lost it here and acted immature doesn’t mean he’s always like this. Only people he’s nice in general are his fans in most cases, others are the ones who are rude to him so he gets pissed.

  • He is a loser ass hole

    This drug addict homosexual kid needs to be in fucking jail and rape him sooooo fucking hard he deserves that

    • A.U.

      No, stop,
      no one should wish rape upon others. I dislike Justin too but never wish rape upon others.

    • Blue

      This comment is wrong in so many ways.Using the term ‘homosexual’ in this sentence makes no sense because there is nothing wrong about being a ‘homosexual’. Also no one deserves to be raped. Finally, Justin is a arrogant prick.

      • lol

        an* arrogant prick

  • 3553

    This guy has mental disorders poor thing

    • Fvhn

      Yeah Justin bieber got mental disorders everyone’s knows that

      • honesty

        You’re talking to yourself….

        • Fvhn

          no i am not

          • honesty

            Yes you were before you changed the name….

          • hudgens.

            Looks like I’m not the only one who caught onto your stupidity. :)

  • honesty

    Hopefully he can still turn it around. The public image is tarnished, but he can still be that good person that he innately is. It isn’t too late, Justin. Just stop being so foolish!!

    • Lolingatyou

      Finally someone positive and not jumping on this like a fly on shit.

      • honesty

        Everyone deserves a chance. <3

  • Tash

    Talk shit now beliebers!! Come! I’m waiting. Delusional dick whipped little shits! It’s funny, y’all attack anyone & everyone who doesn’t kiss his ass. Y’all deny, then excuse everything he does. Y’all refuse to allow anyone to compete or be better than him. Yet you are the same people that act so saintly when you defend him. So in your world, we should be good to bad people & bad to good people??!! Because that’s how you behave. This generation scares me. I swear, if a psych test was mandatory, millions more would be deemed insane. Your logic is beyond me & certainly beyond comprehension. Because it is lies! Worst of all, you are just like this guy. You actually believe your own lies. I don’t give a fuck if he’s an asshole. Just don’t expect to have your cake & eat it too. He wants the satisfaction & credit for being a ‘bad ass’, but wants to also receive the praise for his claims of being such a good person. Just choose. I’ll at least respect your honesty & being unapologetic for who you are. I won’t hate you because you choose to be a certain way & genuinely disagree with certain morals & values. What I do hate though is the deception. That shows that you do know right from wrong. You just want to manipulate things to always swing in your favor.

    • anonymous

      in other thread: ‘come on guys let’s not fight’

      • Tash

        I have also stated that I try to be friendly, but people make it hard & I will give it as good as I get. Obviously being objective & nice doesn’t work at times & it allows negative individuals to use their poor attitudes & get the best of me. This I won’t allow. Also, this comment was posted after a lot of frustration. I’ve had enough of the denial, blatant lies & excuses. Don’t use my friendliness towards others against me. So what if I don’t want to be friends with assholes???? That would make me an idiot if I did so. I’m not Jesus. I’m not obligated to love everyone. Especially if you’re not worthy. Once again, this is a dismal attempt to discredit me & thus discredit what I’ve stated. Who I am, doesn’t impact who you are. Meaning, it doesn’t discredit my evaluation of you. So you attempting to make me look bad or unreliable, still doesn’t justify Justins behavior. Pathetic. You can’t possibly excuse this, so you go after me. That only works in primary school sweety. Adults work with things known as relevancy, grounds & soundness of an argument. Otherwise your conclusion is false & thus your argument is invalid. But I shouldn’t expect any better. Your idol is the poster boy for stupidity, immaturity & excuses. It’s not surprising that his fans are no better. You are what you love.

    • Guest

      Lol you’re so mad, It’s sad people can’t wait for negativity in other people’s lives to laugh at them. He’s so bad when he called her a bitch meanwhile people call him names everyday in person and on internet. But that’s all fine. We’ve all called someone a name once in life when we we’re pissed, Kevin Hart calls women bitches in his stand up comedy all the time and in his interviews nobody says shit lool. Beliebers will defend him cause they’ve stick with him since he was on youtube and many of them met him personally and had a nice experience stop telling them it’s wrong to support him, they can do whatever they want, the more psycho you sound with your idiotic comment and sick hatred.

    • lol

      Dawg take it easy. I’m so it was just a slip-up on the wrong day. I agree with you tho but no need to burst a vein over this irrelevant crap and I’m talking about the vid not the boy.

      • Tash

        Omg! This was so long ago. I’ve totally chilled out & don’t even care. I don’t even comment on the ‘scandalous’ Bieber posts anymore or I tend to talk about something else. His fans on here know that. I’ve wished him well & don’t speak negatively of him. I do not like drama, so I’m staying out of it.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    That little punk! Honestly I would try to approach him, if you think you’re big and bad enough to call me a b_tch then say it bluntly to my face so I can lay some hands on you.

    This is the reason many people can’t stand him now.

    • Matt

      Not without at least 2 bodyguards and a hooker for protection.

  • Tash

    I like how the enablers roam around defending him & attacking others on the posts where there is just a written claim posted, but are ‘surprisingly’ nowhere to be seem now. Does it have anything to do with the fact that on this post there’s irrefutable video evidence?? Oh I see, now your usual bullshit would be senseless & you’ll prove once & for all how delusional you are & corrupt your morals are. So you once again pretend this isn’t real if you don’t address it(just like him). And the next time you defend him, you’ll off course deny this, then go on to excuse it. Same old. If you want to support him, promote him changing. Don’t excuse all of this & justify it for him. He’ll just take that support & keep doing what he’s doing. Because you are making it okay & loving him regardless. So he’ll keep believing his own bullshit, because you’ve shown him that you do.

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      I saw your comment earlier today and I waited just to see if they were going to show up.

      I guess not, it’s a missing in action post today for them.

      • Tash

        Nope! They have arrived. See, they can’t dispute this. So they wait for us to diss him, then they jump on that & use it as an excuse for him.

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          Whoops spoke too soon.

          • Tash


    • Guest

      Is that all you do on here LOL stalk beliebers defending him? and then search for them when they’re not around? get over yourself please, you just wait for bad shit to happen to talk about him and trash him,for you this is a triumph now you’ll getting away with trashing him right :D good for you.

      • Lolingatyou

        Ignore her , she’s more immature then everyone on here, she’s the one who likes comments about Bieber getting shot or raped, that’s how sick and immature she is but she can’t handle when people call her out for her biased opinions. She thinks she knows everything about Bieber and can judge others just because they like him.

        • Tash

          Hmmmm. Well I did say that you are what you love. So if A is an asshole then surely the rest of the alphabets must be too. Since they keep the same company. The only saint who loves sinners & is not corrupt himself is Jesus. But he even doesn’t accept them as they are & more so knows they have goodness within them & can ‘change’. Y’all love him as he is & actually don’t give a fuck what happens to him. You don’t wanna disappoint him, so you go along with his every move & support him. That way he’ll ‘notice’ you & love you. As long as you get your affection, you don’t care if it’s enabling his destruction. Well done. That sure is love right there.

      • Tash

        Nope. I am everywhere . It’s not my fault you stalk my comments & don’t bother with all the other people who just insult him & walk away. I think you like the back & forth banter. It’s obvious the others can barely put a sentence together & they will only swear at you & leave. That way you won’t get to voice all your Bieber defense. So you come at me because you know I’ll give you something to argue. *yawn* It seems you’re the one who lays in wait. I don’t see you anywhere else. So you just wait for Justin to breathe so you can go & comment on his great accomplishment. You wait for people to diss him so you can release all that love in your heart & tell all of your beautiful stories & thoughts of him. Feels good hey?? Triumphant! Then I pitch up to make your day even better!!!! :D HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Friends?? :) HaHa

    • captainamerica

      ” If you want to support him, promote him changing. Don’t excuse all of this & justify it for him.”
      Um I’ve seen people many times pointing out some good positive things about him to you and completely ignoring his past yet you’re the one who ignores it and says it’s probably a lie but you bring up shit from like a year ago and talk about only negative things he does. You actually think he reads what his fans write to him that much? He only replies to chill ones, he doesn’t go and read do people support him or excuse him so stop telling his fans what to do. We don’t know how they feel watching someone they loved for years and supported ruining his life and the entire world hates him from the begining and is rooting for his downfall, just like you they don’t even allow him to defend himself or you don’t even allow others defend him. Get over yourself, just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean you have to be mean to them, I’ve seen many of his fans who are angry on him they don’t always excuse him at all, but when it comes to little things they do while you blow it out of proportion just an excuse to hate on him more. That’s the reality you won’t accept.

      • Tash

        ‘Just because someone disagree with you doesn’t mean you have to be mean to them’. You’ve just described the majority of the Belieber fandom. So they can do it but we can’t?? So we must be little kittens whilst dealing with pompous assholes who refuse to accept he is anything but a God. When it comes to everything! People have hated Beliebers long before Justin went totally off the rails. They’ve always behaved psychotically. So don’t pretend y’all are all girls scouts & we are ravenous mountain bears. I actually think he’s grown so much in music & like some of his stuff. Plenty are the same as me. What puts us off is his dip shit ways & intense fandom. He has a sincere side. He just refuses to be that 90% of the time & is this bizzle & swaggy character. You can see it in his demeanor. Then when he gets attacked it’s like he snaps back to reality & sincere Justin is so confused & doesn’t understand where it’s all coming from. Then bizzle returns to brand it all as ‘haters’, after his posse & fandom reassure him that he is a sovereign state & all mighty ruler.

  • A Cat

    I just don’t understand why he does everything shirtless. He’s worth millions, I’m sure he could afford a shirt or two.

    • Tash

      To show off his body …. Too bad he forgot he isn’t the Incredible Hulk. I’d like to say, don’t take drugs kids, it makes you delusional as fuck. But, Nah, not even drugs are so powerful to create this.

      • Lolingatyou

        There’s only one drug he uses that we know about, and it’s weed, weed is a plant not a drug and is legal where he lives. But I’m sure you believe he uses everything else even if his blood test said he doesn’t.

        • Tash

          I said ‘Not even drugs are so powerful to create this’. Indicating that I do not believe it’s drugs & it must be due to some other reason. So you are dismissed. Thank you very much. Come again soon.

  • JUG

    Why can’t Justin be as humble, nice and good in real life as he is on Twitter? He’s almost perfect on Twitter & Instagram but can’t seem to stay out of trouble in real life. Justin should respond to all this recent bad press by donating blood to the Red Cross like David Archuleta just did.

    • Tash

      David is practically Jesus 2.0. Justin just might catch on fire by mentioning them in the same sentence. Oh, and they don’t accept your blood if you’ve had more than one sexual partner in the past 3 months. This means, the chances of Justin donating blood is about …. NEVER!

      • Really?!

        Um yes they do. But not if you have gotten a tattoo in the last three months.

        • Tash

          Not where I live. A classmate of mine was rejected due to her having more than 1 sexual partner in the last 3 months. True story.

      • JUG

        Oceanup should do a poll on which celeb on the Hot Uppers List is allowed to give blood. That would be interesting!

        Agree that David is practically Jesus 2.0 lol

        • Tash

          Great idea! But I’m disappointed. You forgot to mention how all of this is gonna affect Justin’s perfume sales! :|

          • JUG

            Oh my God you’re right! Calling that poor lady a bitch may hurt Justin’s perfume sales. Everyone pick up a few extra bottles of The Key, by Justin Bieber. It’s available at department stores everywhere. Let’s do perfume buyouts for Justin like we used to do buyouts of his CD. Let’s not leave a single bottle of Justin Bieber perfume sitting on a store shelf anywhere in the free world.

    • Matt

      It’s easy to play the humble victim card on Twitter but its another to act right when the cameras are off. He is a stereotypical bully. He acts all tough with bodyguards and thinks he can say and do anything he wants and when someone finally stands up to him he plays the victim card. Unfortunately because his fans feed into the bullshit he says on Twitter (probably through a publicist) he gets away with it.

      • Guest

        How is he a bully if he stands up against it all the time? He never responds in a bad way when people bully him and say nasty things. He always ignores it or kills them with kindness. Just because he lost his temper here doesn’t mean he is a bully. You are fools who are so easy to manipulate yourself.

    • Eva

      Justin does not manage his twitter, it is ‘allegedly’ some really nice PR people who post and retweet beliebers. The stupid tweets are the ones he tweets.
      And David is like the best, and so cute!!

      • Tash

        I really hope David isn’t gay. Girls need some good boys!!!! Too many Wanksters & arrogant self obsessed jerks. It’s sad though, the moment we see a good guy, we get paranoid that he’s gay. All because he’s a good person??!! Wtf! What is wrong with society & the male race?? They’ve really got into our heads & made us think good guys don’t exist & there’s always some hidden agenda behind it. Sad world.

        • Eva

          I know right? He is good looking, adorable, smart and basically so good… That’s it, no hidden agenda.He is just a good guy. I don’t know why girls prefer the douchebag sagging pants unintelligent types…

          • Tash

            I think a lot of girls feel like it’s such a great accomplishment to ‘save’ them or it’s an honor if he’s a player & jerk but chooses to ‘change’ for them. Also, there’s a lot of those idiots running around & little nice guys. So the masses have brainwashed people into think that nice guys are either gay, a lie or not desirable because they are not what men are ‘supposed’ to be. It’s a crazy world. Just glad I don’t follow the trend & see right through the bullshit. Feel bad for the girls who will be fucked over & will either see the truth when it’s too late or never realize at all why everything went wrong.

  • yung illuminati

    Are we supposed to act surprised by this?

  • ffff

    I don’t hear him callig anyone a bitch..did I miss it?

    • Tash

      Play it again. At first I missed it too. It’s at the beginning.

  • G

    This dude is such a embarrassing

  • maya

    please check his youtube channel he us the bomb :)

  • A

    “You guys just ruined everything can you stop taking pictures”

  • anna

    this isn’t the same level as calling a little kid ugly, which i still don’t think happened. you guys act like you never called someone a bitch before.

    • Tash

      Excuses, excuses. It was pointless. She didn’t provoke him. She didn’t even ask for a pic with him. Plenty of people snap pics of him all the time. Why react this way to one lady who wasn’t even bothering him or interrupting something private/personal???? Then go on to rip his shirt off & strut his stuff when all the paparazzi were around. He knows the paps have good cameras & can take nice pics of him & put it everywhere. This lady’s pic was simply worthless to him & of course the Diva was not ready for the pic. Maybe people wouldn’t go after him so hard, if his fans would stop being in such denial & play down everything he does. It’s mostly just to prove something to his fans because people are so frustrated with them.

    • laura

      so you think calling someone a bitch is ok, if she was taking a photo go over and say “Please could you not take a photo of me” its not hard, stop defending him because what if he called you that and then what…

  • Emma Stone

    “You just ruined everything.”
    lmao okay then.

  • Sheesh

    I hate it how everyone treats people just because they’re different. No, I’m not talking about only JB. People are so hateful to someone or one another whether they know them or not. I seen and known worse people. They go to my school and they done worse things than just DUI, egging a house, or calling someone a bitch. They physically fight someone, they deal weed, they disrespect teachers just because they’re “tired”. Almost 70% of the kids drink underage, DUI, smoke weed, call other people “bitch” or “nigga”, etc. the only difference is that JB has everyone watching him and people say he should be deported for calling someone a bitch, egging someone’s house, or DUI when there are other people, other celebrities, who have done worse things than him but it’s ok because you hear about what someone did because you don’t know them or because “they’re cool”. Regardless if you detest someone you shouldn’t say hateful things. I bet it would be completely different if you were in their shoes.

    • Guest

      All these comments over him calling someone a bitch while he gets called names daily. I’ve personally seen videos people calling him a faggot a bitch and brat when he was 17 on youtube, he just ignored it. But no one made an article about that :), big deal. I’ve got called a bitch and called someone a bitch plenty of times when they pissed me off. But the entire world didn’t talk shit about me for it like I killed someone.

    • Guest

      Not everyone gets hated like this, only Bieber and few others. But he’s like #1, he does bad he is a shit head and is judged by it, he does good they ignore it or call it a pr stunt, either way he’ll never win. Just like now he was really good for 3-4 months but just because of this they’re back on trashing him. Yet all he did was loose his temper, which we all did. It’s not like he doesn’t get called names.

  • Gio

    If he wants to see a bitch he should look in the mirror. What a tool.

  • Cali

    Well no fan can deny this. There is video evidence for this claim.

  • ivan

    I did not know Justin is the only and first one to use the word ‘bitch’. Rappers, pop stars, and even One Direction have used the word but only Justin get’s trashed in telling his Bodyguard: ‘that bitch over there’. This woman, not a fan was rudely insisting on taking pics after she was told not to by one bodyguard who merely blocked her. She was one of many photographers that were very rude as shown in the horse riding video not shown here. She was a BITCH. For the truth see the full story in the inquisitr site today on this.

    Anything to smear Justin Bieber.

    • bares

      You’re so fucking stupid.

      • ivan

        That’s an intelligent response; typical of Justin’s haters.

        • Fvhn

          You are a typical sick fan of Justin bieber that you defend that loser drug addict wow you are stupid

    • Ffghjbh

      Haha please he is a asshhole stop with your made up stories

    • Lol

      Everyone hating him for calling her a bitch no one wondering was she really acting like a bitch. This site hatee Bieber and their users are brainwashed and believe everything. Don’t waste your time trying to put some common sense in them.

      • ivan

        I am not going to respond to these rabid hateful persons as you have suggested. Thanks. It’s a waste of my time. Even with two videos showing photographers including that woman were rude, they still take their side. Rappers, rockers, and thousands of others have used the word Bitch but they only condemn Justin who is constantly stalked by these people. I know the facts, they don’t. Sites like this are run by Bieber haters who cater to people like that.

  • I freaking WORSHIP Bieber

    Yeah he does nice things for fans and other kids occasionally but he SHOULDN’T be able to get away with being overly rude (and weird) because he does those “nice” things. There is no excuse for being rude. What the hell happened to this kid. “Growing up” isn’t an excuse either

  • Pamela Lansbury

    What a brat…

  • BangBang

    Chiiiiild! GET IT TOGETHER!! It’s come to the point that I can’t even blame people who dislike him.

  • Dash

    This is the same guy that tries to act totally different on twitter saying things like “It’s hard people get me down but I’m still going to continue being the man my mom raised.” Okay so your mom raised you to go to whore houses, drag race in the street potentially putting others lives in danger, she raised you to drive under the influence, do drugs and refer to a woman as “that bitch.” I see your mom did some great parenting.

  • lol

    I’m a die hard belieber and I know when he’s wrong so I’m not gonna stand up for him and say she provoked him. I’m not going to stand against him either because what people fail to notice is that people have a reason to behave like they do. No one, not even I knows what Justin is going through so most of these comments are irrelevant. Furthermore Justin is a big boy I think he knows right from wrong now and at the moment he might of felt it was right. The world may never know.