Selena Gomez PREGNANT AND ALONE How She Told Justin Bieber ‘It Was Meant To Be’

selena-pregnant-and-aloneDo YOU think Selena will have another baby soon?!

UPDATE: Selena’s rep said she was NOT pregnant & didn’t miscarry!

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  • johnny

    She isn’t pregnant , all she does nowadays is show off her untoned stomach.

    • lol

      It was supposedly in 2012.

    • tom

      In the hispanic gossip news they said she was pregnant with bieber baby and she had an abortion. i guess blind item was right! well they been right about everything else about her.

      • tom

        ops! she didnt have an abortion she lost it naturally they said, she had a miscarriage. sorry about that!

        • KD

          where do you people come up with this shit?

  • Guest1

    In touch is so stupid. Why do they publish things that aren’t true?

    • lol

      because it is a tabloid. that’s what they do.

  • roxanneXD

    hopefully you have learned your lesson, not having unprotected sex with immature children like bieber.

    nobody thinks of CONSEQUENCES, selena surprised me because she is of unicef

    • KD

      she’s not pregnant moron

  • javi g

    wait i thought ou use this story yesterday?

    • lol

      they did.

  • A Cat

    I seriously doubt that she would see this as a sign that they were meant to be. She’s, what, 22? Having a child now would put her out of work for awhile while she sorted that out and prepared for it. She even said herself that she wants to work for a few more years before she starts building a family.

    • noriwest

      shes 21

  • laura

    I thought they had outdone themselves with the miscarriage rumour but wow this one beats everything.
    When will all this bullshit be over jfc

    • thecat61

      Never. Because they’re scum. Didn’t this piece of shit magazine post not too long ago how Miley ‘was pregnant and scared?’

  • Dina

    all this is full of crap and lies, she was not going to have a baby and have one, stop posting such crap that is not even funny at all, just serous crap of lies and coming from a magazine is makes it more lies , her rap are right

  • Tash

    I don’t believe this story. But I hoped her & Bieber would be more responsible & just not be active at such a young age. Especially him & his promiscuity. They both come from single moms who had kids as teenagers & struggled. Justin always talks about how hard life was. I would just think he would be wiser. He has enough money. But that doesn’t compensate for good parents & a stable home. I guess we either learn from our parents or become them.

    • LAChris08

      Sex is normal, and healthy. I am pretty sure most teens do it, and for sure young adults do. When you are in a relationship that seemed as serious as theirs was, I am sure they did. Who cares really? What gets me is these tabloids making everything up. It seems Selena has walked away from him now, so they gotta dig SOMETHING up, anything, to sell issues. Justin isn’t smart enough to use protection, but Selena seems to be. Her mother had her when she was 16, she is well aware what a child would do to her career, so you know she was on the pill. and I am sure she made him wear it. Accidents happen, and there are rumours that he has other kids, but this story is just rubbish.

      • guest

        Selena runs back to him every time he calls,I doubt she makes him wear protection if he doesn’t want to.

      • Tash

        Yeah, I was more so referring to Justin. I think Selena wasn’t smart to get with a guy as immature as Justin. Lots of young girls find themselves in the same boat. And if you’re sleeping with these boys, you’re potentially fucking up your whole life. Sex is a risk. It’s one thing to just date a little boy, but taking that risk with them is a big deal. It’s just so odd that young people don’t seem to think of the consequences. Especially young girls. Since they’re the ones stuck if shit goes down. But Justin is a whole other story. I don’t think he has kids, but his irresponsibility is shocking. I just don’t get these kids. Especially since he always spoke about his tough life. You’d think he would have grown up quicker & be wiser. He would actually think about what could happen. Since it impacted his life so greatly. You’d think he wouldn’t want that for his future or to do that to anyone else. But I guess some just don’t learn until the mistake is made. But as I said, I don’t believe this rumor. I’ve noticed that they’ve been trying to stir the pot lately.