Justin Bieber Capris Sweatpants Sexy


  • anon


  • rose.garden

    I rarely use this term but he’s gotten really ugly. The tattoos, the constipated look..ugh, he’s just a mess

    • captainamerica

      Actually no, he’s looking a lot happier and healthier, it’s just the clothes he wears sometimes that are ugly, he isn’t. On the game with his mom he looked good.

  • Tash

    That outfit looks like a bathrobe. In that case, why bother changing after a shower. Why does he insist on dressing so terribly, gosh. It’s not like he isn’t aware that people think he looks foolish. So who keeps lying to him about this?? He’s rich. Get a stylist. If he already has one, then there’s the problem. Fire them & set this shit on fire too.

  • Some Dude

    Is that Donald Sterling in the last pic?
    I don’t know which one I want dead first.

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      I won’t wish death on anyone however if we could get rid of Donald Sterling that would be great.

  • Mariah

    Oh God these comments always from the same hating bastards…he can’t do anything without getting hate and it’s so annoying that people aren’t even allowed to defend him anymore they get attacked by psycho Bieber hate wagon who talks shit about him 24/7. Believe everything negative about him and ignore it if it’s proven false.

    • Lol

      Don’t worry you’ll get attacked soon

    • Tash

      You know what, I’m so over all the drama. I’m going to refrain from commenting on Bieber in the future(so that’s one person you won’t have to worry about). I may leave my opinion regarding a song or performance(like with every other artist), but I’m not going to bother with anything ‘personal’. Hope the best for Bieber & I hope he comes through for all those who have faith in him.

      • Mariah

        Um I wasn’t even talking about you ? Seriously. I’m talking in general how he gets negative comments no matter what. People have no sympathy for him and only focus on negative.

        • Tash

          Yes, I know. I’m just making it known that’s all. Extending the olive branch.