Kevin ‘Tour W/ Joe Is Going To Be Great’

alena-rose-jonas-pink (1)alena-rose-jonas-pink (4)Kevin Jonas told ‘We knew all along that we wanted to share photos. We wanted to be the ones to do it. We didn’t want other people to end up leaking a photo of our daughter before us; we wanted to be the ones in control.

A lot of people are protective and they don’t share photos of their children at all, and I totally respect that. I actually kind of got upset the other day when somebody took a picture of Alena and posted it without my consent, so to be able to be in charge is really important, but we also want to share these special moments with everyone.’

What has it been like to share photos of Alena with your fans? Danielle: ‘We’ve loved how loving, supportive, and concerned they’ve been. They’re very involved. It’s really nice.’ Kevin: “This is a massive time in our lives and we’ve always been very public about everything. We wanted to share it with our fans because we are so proud and excited.’

How has parenthood changed your relationship?

Danielle: “I feel like everything that’s gone on in our lives so far has brought us closer than we ever could have thought, but this is just really different. We’re a team and we’re talking about things like when she gets older and how we want to deal with certain things.”

Kevin: “We’re working together in a different way. Now we have a different kind of bond and we have something that really represents our relationship — it’s more than just the rings on our finger. We created this beautiful life together.”

Danielle, tell us a little about Alena’s nursery.

Danielle: “When we got married, our bedroom was designed by Kate McIntyre and she became a close friend of ours, and I wanted so badly for her to do our nursery, especially the crib. We talked about it a little bit and all I said to her was I would love to have the little bluebirds from Snow White and she went with that and made a beautiful crib. Once I knew we were having a girl I decided that I didn’t want the nursery to be pink because I knew she was going to be dressed in pink and all that stuff. I love pink, but I wanted something different for her nursery, so we went with a lavender instead and it just came out really soft and pretty and there are birds every where. I love it!”

How have your families reacted to the newest family member?

Danielle: “They’re all very excited and very involved. Kevin’s parents are far away and they’re always asking for us to send pictures and his mom always sends little things for her and my mom’s been here trying to help out.”

Kevin: ”It’s been crazy to see the difference in reactions from everyone in the family. It’s been really great and the more she grows older, the more time everyone will spend with her. There’s a lot to look forward to.”

Kevin, you’re about to hit the road with your brother Joe for a live interactive show. What can fans expect?

Kevin: “Yeah, we just announced this speaking tour that we’re going on called “Kevin and Joe Jonas Off the Record,” and it’s going to be a three-show run of us talking with fans about different topics in fun, interactive ways. We’ll be sharing stories and anecdotes that they’ve never heard before along with photos and videos. It’s going to be really great.”

You all announced your split as a band last year. Will that topic be off limits during the show?

Kevin: “No, nothing is really off limits for us. We’ve been open about it. We really chose to continue to be a family more than a band at this time, and I think we needed this break. We needed to work on our individual goals and journeys. I’m on one right now with my amazing wife and beautiful new daughter, and I’m in the happiest place that I’ve ever been.”

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