Miley Cyrus ‘Happy Floyd Friday!’

miley-floydHappy Floyd Friday everyone!

  • anonymous

    liiiiillllaaaa. fllllloooooooyyyydddd. that other one that killed lila. which ones are left?

    • threelittlebirds

      Ziggy was the one that was sent away. She still has happy, Mary Jane, and bean.

  • thecat61

    I so remember this pic. Adorable!


    floyd looks so helpless it must excruciatingly painful for her to look at these pix and keep posting :

  • threelittlebirds

    I know she wasn’t there when it happened, but I feel she’s taking Floyd’s death harder than Lila’s.

    • thecat61

      Floyd was her buddy and her not being there when he was killed is making it more hard on her to deal with. But if this is what helps her cope with his death I say let her do whatever.

  • anon

    Miley needs release FU to push the album to 2M ww