Kendall Jenner Ripped Jeans Ravishing

Exclusive... Kendall Jenner Stops For Gas In Studio CityReality star Kendall Jenner tries to hide her face as she stops for gas in Studio City, California on May 17, 2014. Kendall and her sister Kylie were recently named co-hosts of the MuchMusic Video Awards.

  • noriwest
  • Tash

    I know the whole ripped jeans thing is a look. I also have a pair. But I don’t think it’s supposed to have such a big hole, practically the length of your thigh. She had to have made that pair herself. Otherwise, something is wrong with her for paying money for that. Especially if it’s a designer pair :| Get me a cheap pair of jeans & I’ll cut them for free for you. It’s obvious she doesn’t care if it’s done well. These celebs *shakes head*.