Miley ‘Floyd’s Death Destroyed Me’

miley-floyd-death (1)miley-floyd-death (1)Is she manic? :\

  • Lou

    Oh my God she is losing it

  • Anon

    She needs a doctor of the brain….

    They could experiment on her brain.

    • Tash

      ‘Doctor of the brain’???? You mean a ‘neurologist’. Maybe you need one to figure out why your IQ is so low.

  • guest

    She is expressing a deep grief for her dog Floyd. He was what she invested in emotionally after her breakup with Liam and then Floyd was killed by coyotes while she was on tour and she was not there to protect him. She feels a large loss of a love. Her reaction is reasonable given the circumstances.

    • jayde

      thankyou!! someone who just doesn’t think she’s crazy. what she is going through is normal, hardly anyone else seems to get that.

      • Anon

        I don’t believe she is crazy or that her grieving is a bad thing. I believe tho that she is not dealing well and that she needs support from someone idk? Maybe she feels unloved and lonely.

      • thecat61

        Thank you! Apparently no one else does get it. She’s fucking human just like you and me.

        There are days I spend in bed thinking about my dad and yes I do cry but then it passes. But then again I’ll have those moments and I’ll start crying again. People just need to leave her alone and let her grieve and stop fucking saying she needs help. Just let her vent.

  • Alii

    She put God in quotation marks. I hope she doesn’t lose her faith, if she hasn’t already. She shouldn’t be alone, she needs moral support 24/7.

    • lex

      And she didn’t even capitalize God. That’s just so wrong and disrespectful! And I’m sure He’s not so pleased with her anyway! Someone on the tour said mum Tish left to go back home so she’s prob in a funk over that too. Her behaviour is bad with her mum on tour, imagine what she will be like without her there.

      • LALA

        god doesn’t exist

        • honesty

          Who are you to tell someone that? No one.

        • Marina And My Diamonds


        • Angel

          Back under your bridge troll.

      • anon

        Agreed with you and Ali. I don’t think she’s crazy for being so upset but she needs faith. There’s no light at the end of the tunnel without it. :(

      • thecat61

        Really. That’s why they just celebrated Tishs’ birthday the other day.

        • skinnygal

          Yep, Tish is gone from the tour. Look at the photo she posted on her instagram. Maybe she will also post for all long she will be gone.

          • thecat61

            The one where it says leaving London? But they all left London and are now in Dublin.

    • honesty

      Thought I was the only one who noticed. It’s sad.

  • Overexposed

    I think the problem is more than just Floyd. She may be experiencing emotions that have been bundled up for a while.

  • XaskTaylorX

    Don’t blame your poor dog for your mistakes. Floyd was still alive in 2010-11. RIP Floyd! You destroyed your own life.

    • Tash

      Yes. But the death of Floyd may have been the last straw & pushed her over the edge. Mistakes we can cope with, but were just not built to adequately deal with death & loss of such a manner.

  • honesty

    Note that she’s putting God in quotation marks like she doesn’t believe in him anymore. This girl needs some real help. She clearly isn’t mentally stable. Get out of Hollywood and go back to Tennessee for a while, Miley. This town will destroy you even further.

  • dlovCyr

    She reminds me of those emo attention seeking whores that post pictures of themselves crying. Get your life together girl.

  • feel better miley

    this type of shit goes through most people’s head when depressed over something. it’s not “crazy”. well, unless we’re all crazy which we truly are..but that’s another story. anyway, i hope she can overcome this soon. :/

  • sad

    It is seriously sad she gave up her faith. No wonder she is so lost. She’ll find her way home eventually….hopefully.

  • anon

    Hopefully she is seeing a therapist. Express feelings also is a way to healing

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    God can only do so much and the rest is up to us. If she’s looking for Him to heal her she has to walk in that faith and belief that He will. Putting God’s name in a lower case “g” and quotation mark shows where her faith may lie.
    She needs real support and love.

  • TrueSmiler

    Extremely pretty girl on this pic.

    Why the hell she don’t climb the stage like this?

    Ok, I know for why.


    she literally looks like she is dying it is so sad

  • smb

    People should care about animals especially pets, but humans are not meant to become more emotionally attached to animals than other humans. It’s apparent to me that the reason she is so attached to her dogs is that they won’t tell her she is wrong. She seem to not want to be around anyone who criticizes her choices. She can’t handle rejection. So she attaches herself to her pets. That is not good. NO one in a persons life should always agree with you. A good friend, or a good parent or family member should feel free to tell you NO and not worry about you rejecting them. Miley can’t stand to be told no. It’s a shame because she is so talented, but she seem bent on slowly trying to find a way to destroy herself. She may be on top of the world now, but it won’t last forever, then what.

    • M

      Thank you, everything you said is so true !

    • Tash

      I think there are other reasons that people attach themselves to pets. People let you down, hurt you & leave you. Pets don’t do that. It’s the only way to guarantee unconditional love & commitment. Life gets lonely & difficult. Were not always in the best position to nurture relationships. Pets are a way to cope with the loneliness without having to change anything or go the extra mile. People also just love animals. It’s not our place to tell others what or who to love. There doesn’t have to always be an agenda that’s deeply negative.

    • tim

      what the hell you talking about? who said she not allowed anyone to say no to do her? what bullshit you are talking about? Everyone who milley works with says she a pleasure to work with which means she listen to ideas, discusses the issues and then make a final decision, with the groups who are involved in, she never had anyone speak bad about her. the only people who talk bullshit about her! are the hater huge imagination such as yours, gossip sites who cant stand her because she makes fun of everything they make fun of her, standing up to this bullies of media and she a admiration on how to handle bullies, and she works with the issues they try to put her down for! and all her friend say miley is veery fun and lay back and far from a person who says no as you claim, you are not a fan of her and you dont know her, so shut up!

  • stella

    give it a rest people, she’s a human being like everyone else and now she’s going through something that sucks. losing someone, whether its a human or a pet, it still hurts and it sucks and it doesn’t help that you people are idiots for having opinions about her personality. negative opinions. just leave her be and go back to your lives.

    • thecat61

      Bingo. Who is one to say how someone grieves about a lost one being a human or a pet. Everyone has their different ways to deal with death. Let her be!

  • thecat61

    Damn, she got deep here.

    Psychology says, the person who tries to keep everyone happy often ends up being the loneliest.

    • Tash

      Agreed! I can relate.

  • Godney

    Can anyone tell me what it says? cus i am not reading all that lol….

    and the video… wut?

  • K

    Floyd probably didn’t even see her as his mommy because she’s been always out and about… she really needs to chill, for her own good.

  • BangBang

    Was this supposed to be public because I find it strange how someone, who clearly doesn’t want their private life to get out there, to spill out her feelings like that. She should be talking to someone or finding some help. It’s not that I don’t wish her all the best, I do, but I think it’s more important to get help for her feelings than to feed the world with it, because we all know how that’s going to end.

  • barbiescunt

    She put God in quotations, I wonder if she lost her religion as well when she lost her morals???? JK, but ya what’s up with the quotations, Miles?!