Taylor ‘Selena To Write About Bieber’

jelenaloveTaylor Swift is encouraging Selena Gomez to write about Justin Bieber for her upcoming album, reports Life & Style: ‘Taylor’s been encouraging Selena to write down all of her feelings and emotions and record. Selena has already written a few slow, sad breakup songs, and she definitely discusses Kylie and being betrayed by her.’

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  • Maggie

    The reason I think this is good is maybe if Selena would do what Taylor and most songwriters do which is help yourself to understand your emotions better and get over things, maybe she’ll move on from this chapter of her life.

  • Rah

    She doesn’t write her own music though… I don’t believe this.

    • Tash

      Her fans claim that she does. Um, not all along. But apparently she was involved in the last album. I’m uncertain though. I just can’t picture her writing a song. She just seems like she doesn’t know much about music. She may contribute lyrics. But I wouldn’t really categorize someone & give them the title of songwriter just for a few lyrical contributions. Unless they wrote all or most of the lyrics. But even then, that’s a lyricist. But I don’t know how much she can do. I’d like to find out though.

      • Guest1

        She only wrote like 2 songs that I know of. One off her first album and one off her 3rd.

      • anon

        Main-songwriting credits: I Won’t Apologize and Nobody Does It Like You.
        Co-writing: Bang Bang Bang, Music Feel Better, Lover in Me

  • A Cat

    I think she should if she’s going to do more music! It’ll make the album more HERS than anyone else’s.

  • HolyGround

    Ugh that picture is so cute

  • Eva

    God, No. Please Selena. Stop.