Ariana Grande Performs Problem & Fancy With Iggy Azalea Billboard Music Awards 2014

  • Eva

    This was fun… Girls can look sexy and have fun without being vile… I like them. And there is something fun about a blonde rapping ;)
    At least this time some people seemed into Ari’s performance… lol

  • Tash

    There you go Ari! That’s it right there! Brilliant! I knew she’d come back & kill it. After the last time she performed this track, she’s totally transformed. She zoned the world out & had that confidence. That was key. She nailed it. This also made me like Iggy. I really like her vocal tone & style. Both ladies did a fantastic job. *claps*

    • Mariah

      She’s just so awesome to me and her voice is lovely, she is actually a great performer too. I hope she kills careers of these ”can’t sing without auto tune lip syncers” I’m tired of them releasing songs and sounding good on them but singing them live and sounding like a dying cat -.-

  • Anon

    They both slayed!! Best performance of the night!

  • stasha

    MUCH BETTER! The vocals are always on lock but she definitely turned the performance up a notch as well. Just keep working girl and it will continue to get more fluid and natural. You’re a star Ariana!

  • stasha

    Between the one kid’s hair and the other kid’s Misfits t-shirt – you can tell they are trying WAY too hard.

    • Stasha

      WRONG VIDEO. LOL SORRY. *copy and paste*

  • Angel

    That was so much better. She looked great, she sounded great, and the crowd loved her this time. I’m so glad this performance was better.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Amazing ! Fav songs of the summer<3