• Angel

    I get liking your body and being confidant but I feel like you should have other interests. Everything she’s posted in last week has just been her showing off her body. I get it your confidant move on.

  • moi

    what the fuck

  • laura

    Cute bikini. But idk I feel like the song is a wee bit inappropriate… I am happy she is confident with the way she looks tho, nothing to be ashamed about it.

  • honesty

    Another case of the too young Hollywood teens acting like they are in their twenties. If I was her mom…

  • Jared


    It annoys me to no end when these young Hollywood types (or Hollywood types that need some kind of attention from the little fans they have) try to coyly be sexy. Like they post these “innocent” pictures or videos that they claim to be just them showing their bikini or their day off or a sunset or vacation… or even just sharing a quote, but it’s really an excuse to show their ass or their tits and to get verification that they’re sexy. Like “Oh, here I am on my day off!” but they’re purposely showing themselves in seductive poses. Claiming to do one thing, but obviously and shamelessly showing something else. It’s pathetic, and it’s nothing short of desperate, and frankly, they look foolish when they try to convince everyone that it’s innocent. But a lot of girls in general do that. Have a little more respect for yourself. Especially when you’re only 16, like Bella Thorne. You’re obviously pretty and you have a nice body. Why flaunt it so cheaply? And so young? You’re doing this at 16 and you have a few movies coming out…I cringe to think what you’ll do when you’re older and your career slows. Again, self-respect is a trait to learn.


  • dlovCyr

    The internet makes people narcissistic.

  • Cici

    ew. Take the child porn down!

  • yung illuminati


  • k

    Why are all these little girls so sexual? She follows at an account about her own flat backside on her IG

  • h

    Growing up waay to fast. I swear anyone who put their child into the industry should be out in prison for child abuse, exploitation and STUPIDITY.

    • h